Thursday, 5 February 2009

Welcome back!

hello all, it's been months since i last blogged but im going to try and at least post a blog once a week.

Anyway, not much has happened since the last blog. Only thing is that these few days ive found a word called 'motivation', so i've been getting up early(tried to) and going into uni as much as i can. So far im a busy bee and have at least 5 projects on the go, cos im that hardcore.

Firstly im excited to say that im working on 1/2 fashion projects and have been busy working in the fashion studio, with other fashion students. Im working on two pieces at the moment. One is a dress made out of plastic gloves and the other a bustier/corset dress type thing. Working on the theme futuristic. This shouldn't be too hard as i've worked on a similar brief before, but this should not stop me from thinking up more ideas for this project. I have lots of ideas at the moment including what it'll look like on the catwalk, and styling and make up etc. Photos will be up shortly of making of the dresses.

Tutorial with Jon today brightened up things, im a lot clearer now as to what i have to do, and my ideas combining with theory practise, keep questioning what im doing. Even tho i dont think my work reflects on any theories etc, second thought again, im not just producing work for the sake f it, there is a reason as to why i actually do it.

One thing im particularly concerned about is consumerism, and is something that has fascinated me for a long time and mass production, oh also identity. Identity is one thing that constantly creeps back up to me and reoccurs through my work once i a while. I am extremely excited also about the progress of my magazine, when i say my magazine i am still not sure as what roles to give people part-taking in this project. Although i have spent a lot of time recently on it, meaning going on myspace(good way of listening to new bands) and sending a bundle of questions to bands hoping id get some reply, after numerous attempts i managed to get a few replies and even artwork from artists. I really want to see where it'll end up.

As for other projects, after deep thought about it, i'm going to try to produce two animations, one for sakis's project on urban environment, ve had a few ideas but ones im thinking about is, collecting objects from urban place and making a sculpture or something with found objects or take photographs of urban landscape and use images to create artwork fused with lights at night in the city.

I am still very excited about the fashion project tho, and would want to know more about arteliers if thats how you spell it, i wonder where they train? Anyway i should really write more often and actually write down things that interests me like fashion and recycling etc. Which reminds me watching BBC iplayer the haute couture one was just class. The dresses were unbelievable and so dreamlike, made me want to save up and buy one and wear forever or just wear one off pieces all the time. Also Jon suggested when i rework into old clothes, animation? with fashion, interesting idea. Last but not least light box needed also upload more photos from poland trip!!!

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