Friday, 20 February 2009


Yes ok so i've been stalking on facebook again hmmm but i came across this amazing video

Ahhhhh John Galliano you are an inspiration. Blahhhh i so would love to work for him or just get near him using any other way, ok so this must stop cause it's beginning to sound a bit too stalkerish. I aim to buy a Dior Couture dress sometime in my life. Fact.

Any way i was late for my lecture again, a disappointment i am. Which reminds me need to write up notes for it. I want to seriuosly make my own film soonnnnn.

ANd seriously i bought 2 tickets already for Black Lips gig in may i just can't get enough!!! Well i also borrowed 3 dvds from Library, can't wait to watch it not too sure what 'innocence' will be about, but seriously Jan Svankmajer can't wait to watch that. I feel well better than yesterday i even walked all the way from uni to my house.

hahah ok so i watched the second part of the catwalk and at the end (AMAZINGGGG) John Galliano walks out, and poses so much ha i love him so so so muchhhhhh, he's the only one person i think i would want to work with like ever in fashion....

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