Monday, 9 February 2009

Everytime i look into your eyes i see the future

Yeah right!
Well i've found possibly the coolest designer ever, mixing shapes and forms, distorting human forms, creating shapes and so on and forth. Make room for Sandra Backlund. Her designs are visionary, each ones, unique twist of knitted techniques ends up as something out of a futuristic film. Check out the shapes and origami thrown in occassionally. A sight for all, with all the detailing, im a sucker for detailing i just love those bits of details that you'd miss, if you didn't pay enough attention to and of course my love for knitting, which is something i should go back into again. Some would say jealousy or rather admiration, towards her ideas, how i wish i could create something as beautiful as her designs. It's so intricate yet so simple if you get me, ahhh just PERFECT!!!

Oh other news yes the clubnight ive managed to sort out a poster with the design by lovely fayeee. Thank You

Seriously can't wait, everyone i've spoken to seems very supportive and just excited as i am, time to dig out my panda outfit :)

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