Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Fashion and Fetishism!

Hell Yes!!!! I'm definitely going to this lecture i thought, and indeed i did. Just what i imagined, Vivienne Westwood, shoes and Freud.

So first we looked at fetishism in two ways, clothing and interests, lets think PVC, rubber, latex and leather, this is exactly what i like with some spandex thrown in. Think of fetishism as a subculture.

To give you a clear idea, I'll reference some photos from the skin catalogue and an early image of Diane Rig as Mrs Peel in the Avengers.

The significance of this ( Diane Rig in Avengers) played a very big role in the boundaries of fetishism crossing between underground and mainstream. The comic itself being underground, but being shown on TV making it mainstream. As you can see in the image, D.Rig is in a tight leather catsuit, accentuating her body and also wearing big black boots, some would say this was a powerful image for women at the time.

PUNK!!! Anarchy in the 70s? The credits has to go to Vivienne Westwood as most forward thinking designer of the time.

What V.Westwood created wasn't just a whole new generation of punks and DIY ethics, she rebelled against the tradition, breaking boundaries and lead towards transgressive clothing (Exceeding a limit or boundary, especially of social acceptability) and in this as the tshirt above, what you see is a swastika over the word destroy, in doing this she is not promoting Nazism( or whatever you call it) in anyway, but she is destroying this in doing so she is destroying the structure of capitalism etc.etc

Above, Look at that waist!!! Its tiny, when i first saw the image, i was quite horrified to say the least a man in a corset!!!! Well this guy is in fact Fakir Musafer, self portrait dated 1959.

Move on towards the present. Looking at fashion photography, many of the images we see in magazines pays some reference to fetishism, this can be seen below, a image of Madonna for the Louis Vuitton Ad campaign

This image has been criticised by many, mainly due to Madonnas age and the raunchy position she is in. She is drawing attention to her crotch, and there she wears a feather skirt, this in someway links with Freuds theory( feathers near crotch represents pubic hair?). But then the attention is taken away by the shoes Madonna's wearing notice the long heel.

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