Friday, 6 February 2009

I have no money, so stop looking at clothes!

Yes!! So so so my work and uni stuff out of the way lets talk clothes and fashion!!

The many that do know me or lie with me will know that i have a endless collection of tights and leggings, some will say fetish? I am on a quest to break a world record for biggest collection of tights/ leggings. So updates, i am totally lusting over any tacky things right now and acid patterned type thing and lycra!! Think of all the possibilities!

So Ok i might be a bit late with this, as this designer has been featured in stylebubbles blog like yonks ago but just had to.

Want more, lust more!
Yes, yes, yes!!

Well ive got more, check out the topshop collection plahhhhh its to die for but then again is it really worth that much, i might try get on my sewing machine and make some myself.

One person to watch Anthony Vaccarello

also Oh and theres one big designer i really want to mention called henrik something i think not sure, but he does block coloured leggings with puffy thing coming out of the knee, not just any normal leggings i guess, i will have to research more into that as for David david don't even get me started.

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