Friday, 30 July 2010

Denim Mania

Summer on the go, music on full blast. I smell grass (wet grass right now), perhaps the smell of soaked chickens as well, as well as 6 other chicks on the way pssst.
Anyway moving on, I've noticed this around the blogosphere radar and around shops and magazines and of course on FROCK ME! Double denim dream mania.
Am I on it? Definitely, but somehow denim always reminds me of those old hollywood cowboy films, people dressed in heavy denim shooting each other or sat in some kind of pub far out from everything else. I think I own 2 denim dresses and that is all. But I saw these shoes from Pixie Market and fell instantly in love with them, Denim fringe! Yes Please. I might attempt some DIY denim fringing now.

Monday, 19 July 2010


I just changed my template, this is how bored i am. It looks a mess i hate it! I can't get it back to my original template.
Some good news though! I finished making three of my headbands which i will try to take photos of later. Im going into town tomorrow to hand out CVs, this is how desperate i am for a job like. As well as that i need to pop into Jessops to get some prints and buy some film for my holga so i can do a photoshoot for my headbands.