Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I <3 Shoesssss

I bought some new shoes today photos soon, but i actually wanted the lilac one. Still like it tho.

Went to town and took photos of people in manchester for my dissertation. Why is life such a bitch? Essay in for friday minus two days wasted, i need to get a move on.

Photos by zuza accompanied by short interview by me.

The 2nd photo = Most amazing guy ever!!!!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Feeling quite RED

I bought a dress from ebay and yes as you may guess it is RED!! I have a thing for red right now. Whenever i see red clothes i go a bit crazy.
In the mean time essay writing means less time to post but time for youtube.

I like this, i know it's like last season or whatever but i don't care. AMazing vid.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Enter My Wardrobe

The results of my last post. Picture time, dressing up time.
All photos courtesy of Zuza. The amazinggg photographer!!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Party Bug

I've been hiding once again.

In my room for a week. Constantly cleaning, finding any excuses to stop myself from thinking about my dissertation. Two weeks left and i feel like i'm going to fail. FAIL. 2000 words done, 3000 more to go, why is life so cruel. Anyway enough natter for now.

I did a photoshoot today with my friend and housemate Zuza. We raided my wardrobe and basically finished the shoot in 1 hours or so i think, pretty quick me thinks. Can't wait to see the final photos. Once all of it has been touched up by Zuz, i will post it up here.

Also i am quite liking this guy Nicholas Spelliott

Friday, 9 October 2009

Koizumi Meiro -'My voice would reach you'

During my visit in Japan i went to the Mori Art Museum situated on the top floor of a huge building in Roppongi Hills, also note to self, don't go out there ever again at night, possibly worse club experience ever. On the plus side it was free entry and i got 2 free drinks, way to go. Spent all night looking at cute little Japanese girls with make up overdose running away from pervy foreign guys.

Anyway moving back to the art topic. Going up the escalator was rather scary in a breathtaking way. the height and the glass was not a good combination. Anyhow there was numerous exhibitions and installations going on in the gallery. One had work by Chinese artist Ai WEIWEI. His work was rather architectural and had a lot of maths involved with all the angles and precision of his cubes and one piece of work titled "Forever Bicycles", an installation of a large sculpture made from lots of bicycles connecting together. I think the piece was meant to represent the amount of bicycles being used in China.

Another piece i liked was a video by Koizumi Meiro. It was a video installation along with a letter and a desk with framed images of the artist's mother and his thoughts. It was part emotional but at the same time it felt weird as the artist actually hired an actor for the video. the video shows the actor on the phone, it is not sure who, but i presume his mum? But she has already passed away, so basically he was ringing lots of strangers and talking to them about his emotions and his string of thoughts. The more he talks the more emotional he gets, and it's almost like he starts to breakdown emotionally and physically by the end of the video.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Pretty Roses for a pretty fly day.

I present you with Make Believe , this is a jewellery label from Australia, by Amber and Ebony.

So pretty my eyes hurt.