Thursday, 20 August 2009

What to do with myself?

I have a few things to announce and the first being, i have totally given up on the e4 competition, just after 2 hours off meddling with images from google i had quite a idea going on , but after going on the website and looking at the entries i might just want to hide, pfft. Might need to toughen up my skills indeed. Before i try and do anything else to embarrass myself i might as well, share this lovely artist with you lovely people. Fred Tomaselli

“ I want people to get lost in the work. I want to seduce people into it and I want people to escape inside the world of the work. In that way the work is pre-Modernist. I throw all of my obsessions and loves into the work, and I try not to be too embarrassed about any of it. I love nature, I love gardening, I love watching birds, and all of that gets into the work. I just try to be true to who I am and make the work I want to see. I don’t have a radical agenda "

Above gives you a fair idea of what's in Mr Tomaselli's mind. As you can see i am not in a writing mood so the pictures will have to do for now.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Crazy Video!

I'm going to enjoy sat in my tatami room watching japan TV

Clothes and beyond. .

I am a week away from Hong Kong and Japan, which made me want to post something related to this topic(fashion, art, what have you).

Hong Kong has been known as a culinary capital with a wide range of food to tingle those tastebuds, and towering skyscrapers tall enough to shame many other cities not only that the nightlife has a life of it's own, glowing neon lit signs dangles from buildings, people crowded on the street experiencing a unique experience like no other city. Matching up to New York for it's '24hr city' vibe.

Moving away from this you'll see that people are always dressed to impressed, what more is, you'll see the different styles that each single person possess. From kawaai inspired to the rockstar within. Fashion is big, but not big enough for people to notice. One thing that bugs me is every time you say fashion or when there is a fashion week it is always centered around London/Paris and New York, but look further and you'll see that Hong Kong actually has a fashion week too.

What caught my eye the most was Timbee Lo and Eric Tam

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Late night karaoke

Late night sessions of cantopop karaoke with my sister, such losers!

Suddenly remembered this film, "a (chinese) ghost story", such a good film remember watching it as kid and admiring the actress ( i am no Lesbo!) and all the clothes and drama!

The actress is Joey Wong!! This lead to another film that i used to watch as well, classic!!

Bridgette Lin in Zu Warrior

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sorry it's late. . .

It's all glam and glitz!

Just look at those BOOTS!! I'd say it's a killer!

Friday, 7 August 2009

P is for Plum

Shen Plum

Enter the world of Shen Plums and you'll find a forest of animals and pretty girls. Well literally if you look at her drawings you'll find that the subject revolves around her love for music, fashion and myths. The perfect combination, but don't be fooled by these whimsical drawings, as yet to discover upon closer inspection, not everything looks all cheery and pretty. Girls and blood mix quite well in her drawings as well.

Her style is consistent and somehow reminds me of those delicate late japanese drawings, you know those similar to the manga drawing, but somehow there is something more about her drawings that pushes it past this genre. Her drawings are sometimes pure fantasy, battles between foxes and magic.

I think personally these drawings are pure eye candy and i love the style and colour, all mix really well this has made me re consider picking up my pencil again and ink and do daily obsevations etc, like i should be doing this anyway?

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Textiles as art

I have recently found interest in textiles used in performance art. My first encounter of the sort was at art college when i was very fond of knitting and my tutor said i should look at an artist (of which i can't remember now). Most recently, by accident, i've been stumbling across a few artists working in this realm. (Nick Cave, The Weird Girls Project and VILSB├śL DE ARCE)

The Weird Girls Project, based in Iceland fueled by concept artist Kitty Von-Sometime.

Above images from the website, i obviously like the neon strips hence the name "Neon fame and the last supper".

Interestingly i attempted a similar project last year, with the use of light and movement, this eventually progressed onto the idea of producing a glo stick dress, but i never managed to finish it. (Inspired by Novo Dando) Kind of reminds me a bit of a art collective in iceland "Icelandic Love corporation"

More later

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Double Trouble X'U

I got an invite to X'U on facebook and from the profile photo i was quite interested to see what the group have to offer. X'U is infact a clothing label by Ksenia Marchenko. She is Ukrainian, and created her first pret a porter range at the age of 19!!! Yes!! When i was 19 i spent most my time messing around. Not only is she a fashion designer she has also worked as a stylist and editor for her local magazines, talented indeed!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

visual feast

Ok so i said i was going to write up on some artists, well the first one i thought i'd mention has to be Joana Vasconcelos. She studied visual arts and works more in the textile field making crochet pieces. The above from 'Piano Dentelle'.

See website for more images and projects.

I must say the piano does look visually interesting, but may perhaps raise a few questions, or maybe i was lazy and should have researched more which i will do later, but her technique (wrapping objects) has already been touched upon by a artists such as Christos( Spelling mistake?) and many others. Looking through some of her work from the past one can see that her style has refined a lot more, and there's a certain playful element to her work, irony at most. Using tampons for sculptures(Bride) and Fashion Victim among some of her works, her unconventional use of materials provides a fresh approach to the issues she addresses through them. ( I will do more research once i pay of my debt and have access to the library!)

More artists on the way, and ideas for dissertation. I was thinking something along the line of "To what extent can a film be classed as experimental?" or maybe something between animation and film like how does the two cross boundaries and when they do what category will it fit? I hate thinking!