Friday, 7 August 2009

P is for Plum

Shen Plum

Enter the world of Shen Plums and you'll find a forest of animals and pretty girls. Well literally if you look at her drawings you'll find that the subject revolves around her love for music, fashion and myths. The perfect combination, but don't be fooled by these whimsical drawings, as yet to discover upon closer inspection, not everything looks all cheery and pretty. Girls and blood mix quite well in her drawings as well.

Her style is consistent and somehow reminds me of those delicate late japanese drawings, you know those similar to the manga drawing, but somehow there is something more about her drawings that pushes it past this genre. Her drawings are sometimes pure fantasy, battles between foxes and magic.

I think personally these drawings are pure eye candy and i love the style and colour, all mix really well this has made me re consider picking up my pencil again and ink and do daily obsevations etc, like i should be doing this anyway?

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