Friday, 25 September 2009

Christian Schoeler

I've been meaning to post these up ages ago, obviously not by me but german painter Christian Schoeler. Delicate pieces waiting to be screamed at. Makes me want to paint, but then again a lot of things makes me want to do other things, i need to be less lazy.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Making it Big!

I posted (here) about Ostwald Helgason a while back about the leggings and this morn when i opened my inbox i saw the most amazing pair of leggings ever on Asos, and guess by who?? Yes Ostwald Helgason!!! Not only that Asos has also collaborated with several other established designers creating a hub to showcase their work. Louise Gray, Louise Markey and Maran Pejoski are the ones to watch also!


I might be quite late with this as im sure many bloggers would have probably posted about this designer.

What caught my eye was the word 'experimental'.

I just love the sculptural shapes. I can't tell if its been knitted, but it looks like a lot of hard work have been put into each design and somehow reminds me a bit of Mark fast?

Holiday Treats

I never got to post about what i bought on holiday as im still waiting to develop my films. But as of now, i borrowed my housemates camera and took a few for my own entertainment.

As above i bought a cool floral tapestry- ish circle bag from a flea market in Tokyo!! Amazing finds i also bought another bag there so cute! Me and my mum are fighting over it. All 100yen thats less than a £1 me thinks!!!!

Also 100 yen shop in Harajuku!! Big mistake i bought lots and lots and ended up spending a few 1000 yen there so many attarctive stuff if only i had more bag space. (Pink Piggy Bank!!)

Forever 21 in Harajuku, Tokyo!!!! They actually have one in Japan i didn't even realise until i saw lots and i mean lots of girls with big yellow forever 21 bags in Shibuya when i was shopping mainly Shibuya 109, where all the young uns shop. There i found my now fav pair of shoes ever for 500 yen like £5(in photo) oh and also bought harlequin tights from the shopping center( 2000 yen tho!! not too happy). Walking out of the shoe shop i had to ask where Forever 21 was and answer: Harajuku, mission for next day. Next mission find tube back to Danatonababa.

Forever 21 was amazing i managed to bag myself a 3d floral headband(my fav piece) a blue bow headband, a big diamante ring, i would have loved to buy the tom binns esque bangle but spent 10000yen there so couldn't afford to spend another 1000yen it was so pretty tho regret not buying it now. I got a sequin jacket tho with hood!!!!

Rainbow drops

Today i felt like i was a packet of rainbow drops, an explosion of colour, in your face type. Weirdly i've been wearing mostly B&W these few days. Must be the weather.

Last night was good tho i went out and wore my new CK croc tee with my UO leggings and mesh top.

I felt like today was a breakthrough i decided to wear my new Primark oversized hot pink tux/dress/ jacket. I layered my MCain Jacket over as the tux as sleeveless i was quite hesitant to buy it as i couldn't think of anything it'd go with, but gave it the chance since it was on sale!! Also picked up a structured skirt. I also wore vintage dress from sweden, my fav blue uniqlo tights with ladders and M&S flats.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Christopher kane all over

Woop i woke up at 4 and fell asleep, waking back up at 5 to find that all items was sold out, which left me a bit peed off.

Then my sister woke up at 7am and i was forcing her to go instore to buy me the kane top and dress. To my suprise i checked on the website again and it was all in stock again. I said to myself i needed a bit of Christopher kane in my life and indeed i did not disappoint. I managed to grab myself the flouro yellow dress with lace panal, platform mesh shoes (Do i really need this?), Croc Tee and croc dress and my life is now complete. One thing i still think i might need to make my life whole again is the mesh leggings!!!!! I might try to DIY attempt tho.

SO excited can't wait to get my items.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Back to Reality

I am finally back, well i was back on the 16th to be precise. I feel like it's been forever since i last posted and i am finally reunited with my lovely laptop. I took lots of photos and bought a new fisheye camera when i went away!!!!

Money drained to the max. So I'm living it up hibernating at home, and stopping myself from using internet sites such as ebay.

Ahh so much has happened i even experienced a air typhoon level 8!! Extreme? Travelled lots, tanned lots. Getting to meet new people and experiencing new things.

I will post photos up soon oh also i moved all my junk into new house! So happy can't wait for sunday to unpack.