Friday, 24 July 2009

Shoe Lust Friday makes me cry

Ok so i just checked my bank account and i shouldn't really spend, but then my eyes glittered at the sight of these little gems.

Opening Ceremony Wedges, and now chloe sevigny <3 Opening ceremony range. Why can't i be rich?

Bad News Sold out!!! But then a little joy lit up inside me, my inner cheapskateness resisted meaning i still have money to splash out on something else.

Then i found this. My inner bad tasteness to max but it looks kinda cool and bad, makes my eye ache kind of goodness, by Ostwald Helgason.

Want something more on the tame side, how about some sophomore? I am liking the Hannah Marshall dress very much also.

I am also quite liking the Jeremy Scott big oversized print tee

With the whole laser prints or whatever it's called going round a lot why not consider this Hussein Chalayan pants?

Talking about prints this is to die for.

This is a Peter Pilotto's shield dress. Amazing kaleidoscopic colorful print, this body-conscious dress is inspired by "intergalactic travel and strange minerals from far away planets." elegant silhouette with beautiful drapery.

Last but not least bit of model eye candy, I love his quiff kind of reminds me of teddy boys back in the days, good boy turned bad.

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