Sunday, 19 July 2009

Addict for Life, I give up

Yes yes, i have sinned.

On friday i spent my weeks wage on UO online (not europe, it's rubbish, the american one) Thats £40 gone but in return i gain 9 wonderful items, waiting to be squashed in with my other beauties in my wardrobe, which reminds me i need another wardrobe clearing again. Is it reasonable to say i've bought 7 pairs of tights/ leggings at once?? $4.99 was a steal tho and postage cost as much as the items but well worth it i love the USA UO it's so much better than the europe one ergh overpriced leggings in sale.

I am now missing my pink mesh oversized top, gutted.

This leg wear fetish will have to stop when i go back to uni as my funding seems to be drying up pretty fast now. Talking about leg fetish i still need to find my perfect pair of black patent wedges, preferably with amazing heels a la Tristan Blair non? I am quite liking S***r shoes and ash oomph if only i was rich.

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