Monday, 22 December 2008

Being Lazy as usual

hello all,

It's been a long time again since my last blog, and i must apologise. So much has happened with me being back at university, and doing some general thinking, making life complicated as usual.

Well it's nearly xmas now only 3 days to go woop. I've been working none stop and will continue to do so for the week ahead, got to make some money etc eh.

Back home as well, even tho i don't think i've even managed to stay in a full day yet. It's been really good tho.

I can't believe a term has finished already, and Im still struggling with work and finding placement. I don't go out as much which must be good, but i guess the lack of enthusiasm and staying in sat on my arse watching Tv all day can't be good for anyone especially if im just watching crap like jamie oliver etc.

I did manage to find myself a club night to go to every week tho, the new up the racket i call it. In fact it's called 'Kissing the Lipless'. And for some strange reason as usual i've managed to make friends with the djs, and they've kindly taught me how to mix songs and let me djs sometimes. But then i cocked up big time last week so . . .

Oh also i went to Poland again, that was exciting i met lots of lovely people and lots of things happened, which i will not say right now.

As for the future who knows.

Sunday, 3 August 2008


Its been a while since i last posted a blog. So thought i'd write one now.

It's the summer holidays and i've found myself working my arse of for money. Good old Argos for sho. Goodbye Odeon!

Since i last blogged a lot has happened. I've travelled to Poland and back, had a lot in mind as usual and just being me.

Im trying to save up though as i plan to travel next year and follow Alan's(my little brother) footsteps and travel round europe.

Well i think first i should write about Poland. The place and the festival was a wonderful experience and i look forward to going back next year hopefully and october.
3rd July i went to Poland, landing at Gdynia airport. From there me and my friend Hannah had to go to Gdansk. With little knowledge of the polish language and only yes and no, we found it almost impossible to communicate. So with our paper and fingers we managed to point to the place we wanted (Gdansk skm, train station to the festival campsite).

At last reaching one of our many destinations we got to the skm only to find that we don't know how to use the machine and we dont actually know where we're going. Until we luckily met 2 british ppl going to the festival as well (open'er). But we found that the next train wasnt till late so me and hannah went to McDonalds!! And suprisingly the girl who served me knew english.
so i ordered a shrimp thing.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

23rd April 2008

It is late in the afternoon. Once again i feel like i've wasted a splendid day. But looking on the bright side i went into uni today to look at my exhibition space and got myself a plinth. So hopefully i can paint it tomorrow morning. I'm kind of disappointed as well, that i missed work, because of last nights outing. And i seriously need to tidy my room, it's such a mess.

Vice gig tonight as well. I don't really feel like going, but it should be good.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


What a nice day today feel like i've wasted my day away going on nonsense (facebook and myspace) and catching up with all the missed episodes of Heroes and desperate housewives. Well at least i kinda made a book, to put all my photos in. Inspired by Nacho Alegre, his weblink below.

Hopefully i can get started on this animation i've been working on.

I've uploaded what i've done far. It's not brilliant, since it is my first ever animation. I could have made the figures and sets better and since i was working with no storyline it's a bit random, but then again it's meant to represent dreams and dreams are random, you never know what's going to ever happen in one.

For my next animation i plan to experiment with cut out collages from magazines and maybe a illustrated animation (but i'm not good at drawing) or maybe one made from entirely paper cuttings.

Here are a list of artists/directors that inspired me for this animation:
Michel Gondry
Jan Svankmajor
and some other ones