Monday, 22 December 2008

Being Lazy as usual

hello all,

It's been a long time again since my last blog, and i must apologise. So much has happened with me being back at university, and doing some general thinking, making life complicated as usual.

Well it's nearly xmas now only 3 days to go woop. I've been working none stop and will continue to do so for the week ahead, got to make some money etc eh.

Back home as well, even tho i don't think i've even managed to stay in a full day yet. It's been really good tho.

I can't believe a term has finished already, and Im still struggling with work and finding placement. I don't go out as much which must be good, but i guess the lack of enthusiasm and staying in sat on my arse watching Tv all day can't be good for anyone especially if im just watching crap like jamie oliver etc.

I did manage to find myself a club night to go to every week tho, the new up the racket i call it. In fact it's called 'Kissing the Lipless'. And for some strange reason as usual i've managed to make friends with the djs, and they've kindly taught me how to mix songs and let me djs sometimes. But then i cocked up big time last week so . . .

Oh also i went to Poland again, that was exciting i met lots of lovely people and lots of things happened, which i will not say right now.

As for the future who knows.

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