Friday, 31 July 2009


It's been a well long hard working day for me today and i think i deserve the right to rest with my laptop and read up on new blogs and what have you. !!!!! All i can say!!!!!

I will have to watch and add to my to watch list
YSL documentary
and some other ones

Also lazy times over need to research new artists and write up on artists have scribbled down somewhere in my room.

MAybe to do list
Try to get to way out west festival in Sweden!!!
Make a magazine!
Buy a dressmakers dummy so i can make yummy clothes!!!
Make lots of clothes if i do the above!
Go to Library Yes a Library and pay my fine so i have access to books & such!
Build my my image library of lovely images!

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Japan is Hot

I was rather excited when i discovered this japan streetstyle website

SOme very exciting photos!!!

All photos above from

The last time i was there (Tokyo) was two years ago can you believe it?! This year i might go back again, but maybe osaka. If i do go i will indeed be posting photos (Lots!)

Also i've just started crocheting a red dress, kind of rodarte inspired, next on my big list, rodarte inspired tights i can layer with my other tights/leggings! Photos soon

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

She's hot

Forever 21

Nearly turning 21, however i am not writing about my age i am writing about the shop in USA Forever 21, the equivalent of Primark.

I was venturing towards a more feminine approach, picking out acid floral skirts, high wedge shoes and a sculptural floral necklace was what caught me eye, leaving my Gothic days behind. (I'm not a goth but i was going to experiment wearing just monochrome for a week and see how far I'd go)
As for jewellery I do rather like big bold statement pieces like the necklace as shown on the model. I was a bit disappointed as the necklace doesn't seem to be in their current collection.

Big marks to Forever 21 as they've started posting to UK now woop.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Postcard Project

Today i was sent a letter and inside was a postcard, with clear instructions of a summer project based on my summer, oh joy.

I think i will make my own out of fabric or something, or maybe make some felt, i like using felt, as you can pretty much add anything to it.

In the mean time i am still deciding if i should invest in books totaling over £70 and if i should buy studded leggings from costume department hmm?!

At last i shall carry on with watching karl Lagerfield's documentary on his haute couture collection from start to finish. Bored? Indeed.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Shoe Lust Friday makes me cry

Ok so i just checked my bank account and i shouldn't really spend, but then my eyes glittered at the sight of these little gems.

Opening Ceremony Wedges, and now chloe sevigny <3 Opening ceremony range. Why can't i be rich?

Bad News Sold out!!! But then a little joy lit up inside me, my inner cheapskateness resisted meaning i still have money to splash out on something else.

Then i found this. My inner bad tasteness to max but it looks kinda cool and bad, makes my eye ache kind of goodness, by Ostwald Helgason.

Want something more on the tame side, how about some sophomore? I am liking the Hannah Marshall dress very much also.

I am also quite liking the Jeremy Scott big oversized print tee

With the whole laser prints or whatever it's called going round a lot why not consider this Hussein Chalayan pants?

Talking about prints this is to die for.

This is a Peter Pilotto's shield dress. Amazing kaleidoscopic colorful print, this body-conscious dress is inspired by "intergalactic travel and strange minerals from far away planets." elegant silhouette with beautiful drapery.

Last but not least bit of model eye candy, I love his quiff kind of reminds me of teddy boys back in the days, good boy turned bad.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

always the same

Ok so after a few days of searching i can finally confirm that i have finally lost all 5 rolls of film i was meant to develop. WHat is with me and losing film, like after New York? I'm a total idiot!

After hours of searching through a bin i can safely say it is not best for any person to actually trawl through bins or garbage, i nearly puked up having to look through rubbish from the past week. Vomit yes please. Stil no sign of my babies, endles documenting down the drain. Shopping time resume, yes my spiritual way of healing which makes me wonder if i should buy a alice macall dress? Jeffrey Campbell shoes? more junk from watch more trueblood?

My life needs sorting now!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Shopping guide for the misfits

Ok so im venturing to Manchester today for a wedding, which means dressing up time soonish.

So my sister wants to go shopping and ive recommended some places to go. Which made me want to write about a few places to go definitely.

A favourite spot of mine has to be shops in the Northern Quarter; best known as the 'more creative' part of MAnchester. here lies Afflecks Palace, a cool hangout spot for those goths and emos, but inside you will sure find something fit enough for anyone. Ranging from goth, emo shops to vintage, independant labels, such as Yu and Me. Definitely a place to check out

My favourite place of course has to be the second hand shop down the street from Ryan Vintage. Everything £3 and under, bargain!! Of course there is a lot of junk and finding something takes some patience as sometimes i walk out empty handed.

My other favourite spot is Retro Rehab, they have some great dresses but of course being the cheapskate i am, the £1 rail is my aim. You ca find many dresses belts, shoes and scarfs for £1 seriously get on it!!

Sunday, 19 July 2009

adventures of adventures

I need photos but since i lost my Camera in Poland. . .

Oh well, i discovered the best area in Stockholm called "Sofo" an apparent piss take on London's SoHo? Pet records was well equipped with records from everywhere i even found Sky larkin cd? And other bands from Leeds. I wish i lived on that street, so i can ride my bike every morning and go into the nearest supermarket and buy overpriced food and say Tack all day and night.
Tack= Thank You

I also miss cycling pass the sea/river/water/dock/boats/angry cyclists/swedes and asking for directions and acting like a total tourist.

Next aim meet swedish guy /gal and make them teach me swedish.

Photos soon which reminds me i have 5 rolls of film to develop from Poland festival times.

Addict for Life, I give up

Yes yes, i have sinned.

On friday i spent my weeks wage on UO online (not europe, it's rubbish, the american one) Thats £40 gone but in return i gain 9 wonderful items, waiting to be squashed in with my other beauties in my wardrobe, which reminds me i need another wardrobe clearing again. Is it reasonable to say i've bought 7 pairs of tights/ leggings at once?? $4.99 was a steal tho and postage cost as much as the items but well worth it i love the USA UO it's so much better than the europe one ergh overpriced leggings in sale.

I am now missing my pink mesh oversized top, gutted.

This leg wear fetish will have to stop when i go back to uni as my funding seems to be drying up pretty fast now. Talking about leg fetish i still need to find my perfect pair of black patent wedges, preferably with amazing heels a la Tristan Blair non? I am quite liking S***r shoes and ash oomph if only i was rich.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Back for good

Arghhhh fun times over work times begin!!

Just got back last night, so tired fell asleep and had a good old nap.

I won't be working till next week so gives me plenty of nap times to recover through excess cycling and screaming.

Unfortunately no photo times as i've lost my camera at the festival when running across the field from late of the pier to Arctic Monkeys, Waste!

Also to add to the list of things I've lost my visa card, rail card, hostel card, sequin bow and leggings.

But i do have films to develop so fingers cross the flooded tent i slept in didn't destroy them.

More later.