Monday, 30 November 2009

A Clean Start

The Knife- N.Y. Hotel.
Simple. beautiful. great band.

Directed by Andreas Korsar

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Light magic

"london-based designers cutecircuit have developed the world’s largest wearable display: a dress embroidered
with over 24,000 colour LEDs. the dress uses ultra small flat LEDs that are also flexible to allow the dress to
move like a textile rather than a rigid display. the circuits are attached to a silk backing to help keep things
light, while four layers of chiffon are layered over the LEDs to diffuse the light. a series of smaller batteries
are hidden in the dress, giving the user 30 to 60 minutes of glow. the dress has yet to be worn by a woman,
since it went straight onto a mannequin at chicago’s museum of science and industry where it is currently

I didn't write that really in lazy mode, but you get the rough idea, i've always had a weird admiration for anything light and bright. So this dress was perfect when i saw it.

Saturday, 21 November 2009


For the amount of depressing posts lately, i had to delete the last one as this blog seems to be turning into some weird emo nonsense. i will get back to writing properly very soon, went out last night was a blast!

Friday, 20 November 2009

My mind, the sky

My mind is blank. I'm still sad by Daul's death, such a talented person, gone, my heart goes out to her family and friends, i only hope this was a dream.

In the mean time i give you The Antlers.

I actually like kettering a lot. dark honesty.

"Before diving into this, i think some background would be useful. When she was younger, she had nightmares. She had scissor-pain and phantom limbs, and things that kept her nervous through that twelve year interim. When she fell crossing that street, those nightmares fell from building tops and took her by the hand.

She was brought into these rooms with sliding curtains and shining children's head. One of them, that boy, was not as lucky as she then. (Years later, he would return to her at night, just when she thought she might have fallen asleep. as she would later describe to me, his face would be up against hers, and she'd be too terrified to speak.)

Now, I won't pretend I understand, because i can't, and know i never will. But something makes her sting, and something makes her want to kill. it make her crawl under that house, and stick her head under the stove. . .well, my point is that in all that is that it's all connected in these complicated nightmares that we wove"

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Daul Kim

I only just learnt about her death. Im still quite shocked. Although i never knew her, she always seemed really sweet and talented.

Talk with Noel Clarke

I was suprised this wasn't sold out or why all the seats weren't filled. Noel Clarke was unbelievably down to earth as ever!! It was so informal it just didn't really seem like a talk but more like a chat. I think this has probably been one of the most inspirational talks i've been to. Giving past experience and advice to the crowd and being very modest. This talk was mainly about his new film 4321, which i was very lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the trailer.

Although he was never fully trained as a director he started acting from a very young age. From there, when others would go home or back to their trailers to rest, he would stay and observe the things going on around him, and from here he would learn some new skills, which will later play a vital part in his career. One sound advice i got was to look at dvd commentaries, which is something i do sometimes. Not only that he has a real attitude about him a real hunger for success, and always room for improvement. He noted that "Not being scared of failure, there is nothing to lose" as something he always reflects upon on. Trying doesn't hurt, and the ever talented Noel, isn't one ever scared of trying. Being an actor, director and writer for films Kidulthood, Adulthood, Dr Who etc. The list is almost endless. A with many directors, and sometimes the problem, many get pigeon holed into one certain genre and many are scared of moving out of this, what Noel has said is that you should never let yourself get into this position and your work should always evolve, capturing important subjects that is interesting to yourself and connects with the audience.

Also supportive of the current underground scene, which has seen numerous unsigned artists send in music to used in the soundtrack for his films.

One hour fully enjoyed! One chance only.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


can go.

I found this painter from the early 1900s. He is an Austrian Expressionist painter, Egon Schiele known for his nude portraits. One interesting fact: he was briefly imprisoned for obscenity in 1912. I really want to start painting and just do it! I know i've been saying this for a long time and it's been rather frustrating for me lately . I will do soon and i'll post them up here if i do.
Delicate may not be a suitable word here, but it is in a subtle way, the features the brush strokes. What makes it haunting about his work is that he didn't expose the body in a overly sexual way, like most nude portraits would be associated with, but rather he concentrated on the expressions and the emotions of the subject, this is what makes each portrait interesting to look at.

P.s i got my hamsters today and booked flight to Berlin happy happy times!


Chris Cunningham!!!

Friday, 13 November 2009

M for Morph

Right so i've sort of started my first project this term. I filmed myself, since i had noone else to film and i'm now testing out a new technique called morphing. You would have most seen this in films and in Mj's video black or white. Hope it works, fingers crossed!
I'll post results later!!
In the meantime enjoy!


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Assume Vivid Astro Focus (AVAF)

Great name for something Greater. This is the name given to Brazilian artist Eli Sudbrack and the name of an international group of visual and performance artists.

I came upon an image of one installation in Another man magazine, and i just knew instantly that what i've just discovered will be something of great excitement. I was not disappointed.

They explore topics such as transgender, where often the female body is exploited, sometimes humorous, sometimes dark. Their freedom with their ideas, leads to an eclectic mix of various installations, mixing performance, costume, music and video art together, not only this, it encourages viewers to join in and not to take themselves too seriously. Wild and crazy is all.

AMAZING!!! Now i have an extra excuse to go to Berlin to go see the installation if it's still on next year!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Scratch Perverts

I saw them last night!! Well not literally since i was too short to even notice who were on the decks. I seriously thought wouldn't it be amazing if Scratch Perverts were playing and finally it happened and for free, not bad!!

Oh and then after some crazy guy, i had a small crush on in 1st year, went up to me and started talking to me and asked me out for dinner. I said NO.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

House of Nova

Bored, no sleep, what else to do? I was meant to check out this collection ages ago but never did, oh well i did now.
The Rainbow collection, by Nova Dando.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Summer through a fisheye

This is officially two months late. Photos from my summer!!

here is me being geeky and on the train back from Japan.
It was a tiring time as we spent 2 nights on a really cheap bus to go to and from Osaka to Tokyo. Getting tickets was a constant hassle also, as noone seemed to understand english that well, although they were exceptionally friendly and really helpful.

Dotombori in Osaka, such a nice place. Me and the sis sat on the bridge like total geeks looking out for hot guys, then we got bored and wanted to go out, but with our limited japanese skillz we quickly made friends with two japanese girls, which i should have known looked dodgey in the first place who then left us with two guys that would unfortunately follow us for ten minutes. (with menus). I'm thinking host bars!!?? I don't mind but my sis got freaked out a little so we went to a rock cafe in america mura instead. I loved that place if i was to live in Osaka that would be my best hang out place ever. I bought so much vintage and records from there and met the nicest people ever.

Osaka castle and park, just reminded me how hot it was. It was such a nice day tho, i saw firemen training nearby!!! Nice day out.

My sis on a pinball machine!!! Amazing amazing!! I love you Pachinko!!

More photos when i get the films developed. Look how nice the place is!!! I miss you Japan.
That's it for now.

In Love!

I think i am in love with this girl right now she has the most perfect pair of ruffle shorts i have ever seen, my next quest to find a pair!!!!

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