Friday, 6 November 2009

Summer through a fisheye

This is officially two months late. Photos from my summer!!

here is me being geeky and on the train back from Japan.
It was a tiring time as we spent 2 nights on a really cheap bus to go to and from Osaka to Tokyo. Getting tickets was a constant hassle also, as noone seemed to understand english that well, although they were exceptionally friendly and really helpful.

Dotombori in Osaka, such a nice place. Me and the sis sat on the bridge like total geeks looking out for hot guys, then we got bored and wanted to go out, but with our limited japanese skillz we quickly made friends with two japanese girls, which i should have known looked dodgey in the first place who then left us with two guys that would unfortunately follow us for ten minutes. (with menus). I'm thinking host bars!!?? I don't mind but my sis got freaked out a little so we went to a rock cafe in america mura instead. I loved that place if i was to live in Osaka that would be my best hang out place ever. I bought so much vintage and records from there and met the nicest people ever.

Osaka castle and park, just reminded me how hot it was. It was such a nice day tho, i saw firemen training nearby!!! Nice day out.

My sis on a pinball machine!!! Amazing amazing!! I love you Pachinko!!

More photos when i get the films developed. Look how nice the place is!!! I miss you Japan.
That's it for now.

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