Thursday, 26 November 2009

Light magic

"london-based designers cutecircuit have developed the world’s largest wearable display: a dress embroidered
with over 24,000 colour LEDs. the dress uses ultra small flat LEDs that are also flexible to allow the dress to
move like a textile rather than a rigid display. the circuits are attached to a silk backing to help keep things
light, while four layers of chiffon are layered over the LEDs to diffuse the light. a series of smaller batteries
are hidden in the dress, giving the user 30 to 60 minutes of glow. the dress has yet to be worn by a woman,
since it went straight onto a mannequin at chicago’s museum of science and industry where it is currently

I didn't write that really in lazy mode, but you get the rough idea, i've always had a weird admiration for anything light and bright. So this dress was perfect when i saw it.

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haraldmath said...

as a dress i don't like it, but as a sheer visual? it's glorious.