Thursday, 28 May 2009

I've got gucci, jill sander, D&G and chloe

No i aint got any of that. I did get to touch the most expensive clothes ever today tho, this appeared in two places, one a Flannels outlet, so things was pretty much reduced from 50% onwards, some amazing shoes in there!

Then i went to the high street and bought myself a mesh top and purple knitted skirt from H&M i am going to go mix and match it tonight!!! And omg American Apparel tried on the most amazing dress ever two tone body con dress in peach, it really was perfect, also i tried on the navy and pink skater dress, as victoria grace might put it "it was pure sex!"

Urban outfitters was a quick one, bought navy leggings, just don't ask, i don't know when i'll ever wear it, but i had to have it for sure. Ok quite with the talking i took lots of photo on my crappy phone in Topshop changing room, was epic! I ended up buying the short colour panel mini body con skirt.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Flat Nose George

Aka Adam Smith, director of numerous videos mainly for uk underground acts and such made videos for the likes of "The Streets", "Lady Sovereign", "goldie Lockin chains" and "whiley" to name a few. Not only that he has produced mind blowing visuals for electronic duo "The chemical Brothers" the visuals has toured all around the world and i was lucky enough to witness a whole set last year at Open'er Festival, that was the best time ever, i totally got blown away by it. Lets hope i can get some work experience with him!!!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Weekend of music, gigs, alcohol, dancey fun.

What a week it's been, i've been traveling so much to manchester and back, i think my mind has just gotten even more confused nowadays. Firstly i got a 2:1 hurrah me! Secondly, as previous blog mentioned, Patrick WOlf!! Nothing can beat a bit of patrick wolfness. Thirdly Dancing saturday, crazy crazy!! Sunday BLACK LIPS, made my day seriously i started the stage invasion woop!!! Not too sure about Up the Racket tho, still Black Lips was the highlight, best gig so far. Photos here soon.

This is saturday dancing at The Cockpit and doing crazy things after. Its what i wore but this photo was from a while back if you get me but gives you basic idea of what i wore yeahh.

Oh and Black Lips i wore Jared's shirt( guitarist in BL) with black short shorts and my two tone tights which i've ripped to death. But apparently now the shirt might be Coles.

haha i love this photo, the bouncer looks a bit scary!! Stage invasion here i go!

Thursday, 21 May 2009


Another interesting model to look out for! I like her peroxide hair, hailing from Korea i think. Her looks kills, literally, love her style and hair and everything about her, so cool.

Patrick Wolf!!!

Was pretty much amazing!!

Even tho i didn't know many of his new songs. By the look of things, his new songs, sounds a lot darker, and more electronica-ish, Good indeed.

Seriously played most of my favourite songs and the crowd was ok i guess, i loved his outfit at the end too. Oh also i nearly had a panic attack today when i thought i saw him in tescos, Yes tescos, seriously i swear it was, oh well.

My polaroid photos and the rest my friend annie took them.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

101th blogging!! I am of age

Omg i just realised my last post was my 100th one!!!! WOop happy 100th post anniversary. Meaning this is post 101.

Anyway lastnight was dance off seriousness? Indeed i had a blast at Sex With Robots @ The Roadhouse. Some photos up soon, ive decided to now make my blog stylebubble like and keep it connected to me in some sense with outfits throughout my day, not being all narcissist or anything.

Photos from Last night, wearing pink vintage lace bow dress from Urban outfitters and two tone tights. Sunglasses mango

Oh and finally i remembered why i decided to write today, because im so nice i will share some lovelyness with you people. Mark leibowitz, amazing photographer, he is known for his backstage photos at fashion shows and i love the outrageous colours, fusing portraiture, fashion and architecture into one. His most recent work being the John Galliano photos backstage made into limited prints.

Monday, 18 May 2009

When the bird Stole the egg

When the cuff i wanted sold out, I wasn't very pleased. When making my mind up now, im going to try to speed up the process a little, after all you only get one shot at it. I missed out a Vivienne westwood brooch before and now. . . . and now you may ask, what else did i miss out on? Well i can tell you It's a cuff from Tom Binns Rokoco Collection, it was quite a beauty indeed and i think the original price was £800-900 I can't quite remember but it was reduced to £150, that is more affordable indeed!!! But by the time i actually realised i really wanted it, it was sold out. Gutted, and this is moaning about it a few months later durrr.

It's almost magical isn't it, like something a princess would wear, i would happily pay for any of the pieces, that's if i'm rich which, i'm not so yeah basically it.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Sleep deprivation

Is bad, I've been having dreams about vampires, too weird. Too much twilight for definite.

Friday, 15 May 2009

aristocratic assassin

Before you all go wtf?????

It is an episode of inuyasha.

All that i've ever imagined to wear all at once, fur, armour, bows and kimonos all in one.

Amazing or what? want to hear something more amazing?! Last night was le amazing, I got to watch The Mae Shi play and stand next to the lead singer too for the full set abe vigado, Amazing??? Going underneath a parachute thing???

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ta Ta ta de da da da

Ok so I'm actually bored, no more uni work, what else is there to do???

Erm i'm still waiting to download the first season of Inuyasha, can't wait.

Went to watch Wolverine last night as well, that was well good i think i might be obsessed with xmen again like, and i want to read all my big collection of comic books again, kept under storage back home home from years ago, which i was planning to sell.

Anyway i didn't decide to write just about the above but came across another blog and found this lovely designer I love the soundtarck they had for the S/S 08 09 catwalk, Anthony and the johnsons is that Bjork i hear? I don't think so but some female vocals.

Anyway on about the dresses now. I love the simplicity of the dresses, yet the colour palette is a mixture of different shades of purple and grey, splendid! My favourite pieces are the short body con ones, i just have a weird thing for short tight dresses, also i like the draping of the material it adds a almost floaty feminine edge to the dresses.

Also i love this dress has made, it's simply adorable love the colours too.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

work spice

Atlas i have finished everything, my presentation done and dusted, response, It's ok. Im just chilling in my little attic room upstairs, im going to brave it soon and go sit on the roof and read and drink.

I think i might start now by finishing Breaking Dawn, and finish my chips and curry sauce.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh I am sooo stressfree but library fines :(. That's £40 down the drain. Bad times

Monday, 11 May 2009

That's in your face

Yes i got my essay mark back, woop 64 not bad, my best record so far woop, i am actually so so happy, after tomorrow, i will be even happier, that's no more waiting around for marks, I've been waiting for 2 weeks now, sulking when everyone had theirs back and i didn't, guess i didn't do that bad either.


P.s I'm still trying to get my video to 15 Mins but it's only 10 mins long so far, and the soundtrack seems horrendous, can cat power and black lips mix so badly? Hmm i'll have to have second thoughts on that and let you know i personally find it quite eclectic i'd say but seriously.

Also inspiration coming your way in the form of this url.