Monday, 25 May 2009

Weekend of music, gigs, alcohol, dancey fun.

What a week it's been, i've been traveling so much to manchester and back, i think my mind has just gotten even more confused nowadays. Firstly i got a 2:1 hurrah me! Secondly, as previous blog mentioned, Patrick WOlf!! Nothing can beat a bit of patrick wolfness. Thirdly Dancing saturday, crazy crazy!! Sunday BLACK LIPS, made my day seriously i started the stage invasion woop!!! Not too sure about Up the Racket tho, still Black Lips was the highlight, best gig so far. Photos here soon.

This is saturday dancing at The Cockpit and doing crazy things after. Its what i wore but this photo was from a while back if you get me but gives you basic idea of what i wore yeahh.

Oh and Black Lips i wore Jared's shirt( guitarist in BL) with black short shorts and my two tone tights which i've ripped to death. But apparently now the shirt might be Coles.

haha i love this photo, the bouncer looks a bit scary!! Stage invasion here i go!

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