Friday, 1 May 2009

Interpretation of space

Ok so this is a few days late.

“It’s bloody marvellous isn’t it”, the first words I heard as I walked into the exhibition space. The place was well suited for the exhibition, and obviously seemed like the place to be. The exhibition showcased the work of 12 students, taking over two floors. I was rather excited as my friend had her work showing too. I was surely not disappointed; her work outshone the other work by miles. For me the other student’s work, seemed too similar and mundane, focusing on people and landscape, there was nothing that seemed challenging about the photos, and the style wasn’t particularly stimulating.

I still haven’t introduced my friend’s name. She’s called Zuza Grubecka, from Poland, I will stop at here for now, if I was to go on about her life story, how talented she is, I may never stop.

But one thing is for sure, she takes her work seriously and this can be shown, at the outcome of the pieces, looking at it, remind you of a dream, a fairy tale story meets your worst nightmare. The amount of creativity, put in, with the posed images kind of reminds me of a surrealist painting. A small innocent girl with a cute princess style pink dress, surrounded by water, almost ghostly looking, haunts you, as you stare at her, yet enticing at the same time.

My favourite photo is the one of the girl with the man with a horse mask stood next to her staring at her. The landscape and the water covered in pink algae, looks as if it’s almost unreal, too beautiful and perfect to exist. The girl sat carelessly, almost oblivious not even noticing the man with the mask, almost looks dreamy, as she escapes into her own world. The photos sure are pretty!

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