Monday, 18 May 2009

When the bird Stole the egg

When the cuff i wanted sold out, I wasn't very pleased. When making my mind up now, im going to try to speed up the process a little, after all you only get one shot at it. I missed out a Vivienne westwood brooch before and now. . . . and now you may ask, what else did i miss out on? Well i can tell you It's a cuff from Tom Binns Rokoco Collection, it was quite a beauty indeed and i think the original price was £800-900 I can't quite remember but it was reduced to £150, that is more affordable indeed!!! But by the time i actually realised i really wanted it, it was sold out. Gutted, and this is moaning about it a few months later durrr.

It's almost magical isn't it, like something a princess would wear, i would happily pay for any of the pieces, that's if i'm rich which, i'm not so yeah basically it.

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