Monday, 30 March 2009

the power of Ebay

Like i should be doing work, but i find myself slowly distracted by websites such as facebook and ebay, go me! This will be the downfall to my degree and i blame the internet.
But i want all of these stuff.


WOOP Nice warm bed. lots of people, green all around. Small shops. Sleeping on couch. Nice warm food. It's the smell of home.

Monday, 23 March 2009


Yes it's my friend Hannah's Birthday she is 21!!

I still need to give her, her presents. We're having a meal on Friday and going out Thursday. Woop

In the meantime today i stumbled across a homeless guy kicking a dead pigeon

Pulp Magazine with a photo of me and Hannah

Bank with no money

Buying lots of food

Finding people in tescos

Eating sitting breathing and this . .

By Rowena Tree, she studied animation at the Royal college of Art and has made countless animations about dressing up, inspired by magic shows and many more things.

Sunday, 22 March 2009


Seriously check out soulwax's website, and have a gander,

it is part of the documentary of " Part of the weekend never dies", a documentary about soulwax on the road with footages from over 130 gigs. Directed by soulwax and Saam Farahmand. Say what? Who's Soulwax?

And seriously i will not leave anymore stuff and i will mostly write that review ive been going on about, and start my own label selling leggings and tshirts etc. PANDACRON, PANDACOrN, Less Ordinary, etc etc namessssss please.

Friday, 20 March 2009


I came upon Julia pott, whilst listening to Casiotone for the painfully alone. She directed and animated the video 'White Corolla' for Casiotone for the painfully alone. It's so beautifully done, i love the delicate drawings.

here is the video, while you're at it i think maybe you should check out her other animation called "My first crush"


Was a success, thank you for those that turned up.

here are photos from wednesday night. yes i was a Panda bear.

More to come and i will try write a review on this very soon.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Road to disaster. Ross's bday + swedish music +strangers

After a heavy day of drinking on wednesday, there just had to have another follow up, but not that soon surely, the day came and it was the day after wednesday, thursday it happened. It was Ross's Birthday and as usual i said i wouldn't drink that much, but i got a bit carried away, and i think everyone was mega drunk. Mo left stumbling all over the place. And i well this is the begiining of the story.

We drank at alan rd first and i had at least half bottle of Ross's rose which can't be good!! Then i had some whisky , which makes it just about sick from the thought of mentioning it, and finished with beer.Nice one.

We then headed off to Big Hands and martin left at this point after.

Then we actually walked to The Trof, and there we sat and drank and ate teacake. I saw Zakkkkk like after a year. So did some catching up then most the people just left and the drink i got Ross was still on the table, so saw Wes and the band Crystal Antlers, and just gave one of the guys Ross's drink. Oh my at this point, i saw the swedish guy and turns out it was his leaving party downstairs, i signed his flag, i think it said something like "i will miss seeing you around swedish guy!" i think his name is Jon im not sure, i was also talking to his g/f i think she said she's in a band.

At this point i was too drunk to care that i was actually left by myself, how sad.! I waited till i think Phil or Paul to finish Djing then i went with him to get a taxi to Purple Pussycat!!! At this point 2 other guys hopped in the taxi as well, one taking photos of me and my jacket, apparently he's in a band as well called 'The travelling Band' or something. Are everyone i bands??? Then we got to purple pussycat by this time i think i was sick and got some free drinks, ditched some people got talking to swedish guy there!!! I think i was just plain drunk as i noticed 2 guys kissing, can this be real? Taking to 2 other people, and they work at the Trof, these two i stayed with all night, and we got the taxi, yes another taxi to some flats near the Northern Quarter.

The place looked like a maze and i just couldn't stop stating how shiny the floor was or the tiles!! And the mirrors, oh dear god. At this point i think i was physically sick like later on, on the shiny floor. But i did hear some swedish music well not real swedish music but some Jens Lekman. I also had a wander round the flat it's so nice!!!!! The rooms so big i liked it all.

I was even more sick now, how i ended up o the couch was a mystery but that was my spot for the night as i was constantly throwing up on someones scarf! Oops! Oh well it was a adventure i guess, and i woke up and missed my lecture and walked into town looking a mess and all confused still a bit drunk. Got another taxi to Trof so the girl couls get her car and give me a lift, i never asked for her name but i know that shes going to Austria soon, i was still amazed by the shiny floor!!

I slept for too long when i got back to mine at like 2pm now my sleep patterns going to be completely messed up. I still feel sick ewwww.

One lesson to learn, never drink too much and mix!!!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Glitter mess photoshoot

It was fun fun fun, falling in water glitter everywhere, climbing trees, drinking and being crazy. Good times Photos up soon, and also photoshoot at afflecks as well, photos soon as well. Just woke up from drinking too much vodka. Nice

Heres a rough idea of what happened!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Special Suprises!

Hello all a few announcements, ahem (clears throat) So this trailer thing i knew things were bound to get bad, first my work disappears after a touch from the technician and a telling off what a mess my desktop looks and that i am on a path to disaster, too right too soon.

Yes i was slightly sad when i obviously lost the original file for the trailer, which means doing it all over again, but never say never, as i've just finished yet the trailer using a better format. Which should hopefully be fine for big screens, fingers cross thats if i get it. And still trying to avoid someone, hiding is the best. And tackling problems yourself seems to be the best way to it, since the many help i've had seems to leave me far from happy.

Ahhh detox plans!! Me and Katya went to really nice cafe just opposite uni, we had a plateful of salad, all types then went into town to buy cellulose and stick up a few posters, thats the way to do it and a bit of fruit and veg shopping for this detox, surely chocolate must help?

Monday, 9 March 2009

I've been shortlisted woop!!!

Erm ok so i was literally having a breakdown last night, as nothing was going right and as time was ticking by, and my laptop being ever so slow i had an urge to just smash my laptop, that was how bad it was. But i was just saying to myself that i had to complete this trailer thing in time for the competition. So to my astonishment, usually my working speed for any animation = a day for a few secs worth of clip, but last night having already got 4secs of clip, i actually did an extra 11 secs yes but running like half an hour late when i sent it off.

This morning got email, my animation has been shortlisted!!!!!! WOop they want me to change a few things and after that who knows!!

BBC here i come!!!

Also me and hannah went round town to Afflecks Palace to look round for photoshoot. And we bought lots of polaroid films!!!

Friday, 6 March 2009


Im really loving watching the same episode of one tree hill just to listen to Jose Gonzalez's cover of the Knife's Heartbeats. Ahh

Also updates, things gets better, extended deadline for trailer comp as i only got slide this morning ahhhh roll in , roll on. 4 secs counting, 16 to go.

Im checking out more of this


WHERE ARE YOU I NEED YOU TO MAKE MY LIFE SO MUCH EASIER!!! I heard the wonders of what it can do and compared to what im doing now its like digging a hole with a spoon when i can use a spade, get me.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

3 secs done, 17 to go. 24hours left.

Blahhhhh will i make it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ME think not!!! Not at this rate, im inbetween, watching the inbetweeners, facebooking, typing and photoshopping. Lecture tomorrow blahhh, essay to hand in soon, trailer in for tomorrow, urban project to finish, and fashion project, and my own personal felt tip madness.

SO much to do!!

SO little time! I need to get organised. Oh and Florence and the Machine Video, as mentioned by Zuza last night, and me checking it out first thing, amazing glitter, and all sorts. Can't honestly wait for photoshoot next week now. Lets go crazy in the woods!

B is fot Bored

VV BRown!!! AHhh i had one song stuck in my head forever trying to figure out who sang it, just read an interview about her today, arghh im so bored now, im half going on facebook and half trying to finish this trailer, why am i making it so complicated, theres prob a easier way round it pfft. ANyhoo facebook event for my clubnight up and running seriously need to print more posters tho and invade places with it.

One word OMG video by Chris Cunningham

Gate crashers + Kebab


Erm what was i doing up at 7in the morn walking round the house finished off my kebab from last night, smelling like onions. Yummy. Intense cleaning. Got bus and back, watched One tree hill, gilmore girls, maybe watch more anime later, and less than 48 hours to do project, fun times.

Last night was weird. Egerton road sure is party central 2 house parties going on at the same time. Now thats hardcore. Anyway i had to leave early cos i was hungry even tho i had a big cake and crisps. Ahhhh Im going to finish this trailer by today, fingers crossed, and watch spirited away after. MAybe a walk later as well. Good times Oh and pom pomsssss, i want to do something with it, like maybe a necklace or stick it on skirt or something. DIY skills!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

City Down City Up

Ok so ive stopped with my urban project to concentrate on the moves festival trailer, but after watching the music Video for Wild Beasts; can't say that i like them much, i remember seeing them a couple of years ago, the singer does this really weird head movement thing, and i guess the sound at the time, sounded quite unique and i remembering being quite impressed, but listening to them again, they just don't seem that special anymore. Any hoooo.

Urban project ive decided what was missing and with all the cmplication etc putting film footages over animation, too hard, or maybe learn flash or something, but in the mean time im gonna build a 2-d 3-d set with moving buildings and ferris wheel that way it'll be much easier, why didn't i ever think of that durrr.



why are you out so early!!!! Woke up at like 7am but stayed in bed till like 9 woop, i want to run outside now and just soak up the sun. The sky looks amazing, clear blue with clouds, do i hear birds?

Erm more news update on clubnight, unfortunately due to not enough people attending weds sessions, Dave has had to cancel the weds sessions, which is a great shame, but great news ahead, my clubnight will still live on. SO get your costumes ready boys and girls. I'll be waiting.

Erm but still early start to the day and what have i got done??
Nothing much really
Watched Smallville, what is happening???
Watched Princess Mononoke :)!! Ahhh
Started trailer for Moves 09 festival
will i get it done for friday?? Who knows, im just going for it!
And reminds me i'd like to hide in a cave for a year or maybe 6 months and produce a short anime. ???

So many thoughts, so little time blahhh need more food, my supplies are low, and im sat on the couch rotting, i havent moved since, since when?? I can't remember, it's been so long arghhh get back to animation.

Oh and Bless.! B.L.E.S.S

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Today I part2

Went in for meeting, woop for me. Missed part on shop might msg andrea about it.

Had tutorial, one thing for sho, IM NOT LAZY. Woop again.

Yeah went back to house sat down with Marina and had a full meeting about trailer project and possible ideas, seems to be going well, we have a full storyboard which should i say last at least 20 secs so problem there. The problem is doing it now, as usual we've actually made it all pretty complicated, so yeah was meant to start on it today but going to do it tomorrow morn instead.

I watched 2 movies tonight, Party Monster and Howls Moving Castle, i think i prefered Howls Moving Castle more. I was expecting Party Monster to be really good, but it was quite disappointing maybe cos i was watching tv at the same time, but seriously, same parts were funny and some scary, but i really didn't quite get the hype. I am so de-hyped about it now, Not a good sign.

Howls Moving castle on the other hand, proved much different, the whole movie the images, was breath taking, and so detailed it almost looks like photos, must have took forever to make, and makes me want to have a go at something similar to that, not that detailed or large scale as that obvs.

Ahh Howl, and the flame. I loved the ending, reminded a bit of Wizard of Oz but a bit better, dreamier and just sweet. Oh yeah i want to buy Another Magazine and go to London to the Hussein Chalayan exhibition and if im there might have a go look round Tate Modern and V &A maybe serpentine as well, cause i've never been, which also remind me i should go to whitworth gallery to the subversive urban thing.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Today I

Looked at lots and lots of houses in Withington, stayed there for 6 hours went to fallowfield and back to Withington,
Chips at Battered Cod
sat down ate chocolate fudge cake with ice cream at Fuel
Sat in Subway
Walked in Charity Shops
Getting the bus
Miranda July.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

I am I will.

Its been a oh so long time since i last posted.

Hmm where should i start did i tell you my new housemate is the nicest person ever she makes me and Hanna soups and all sorts, i told my mum and she seemed pleased too. Well last week i did a spot of house hunting for next year. STill don't know who i'll be living with tho.

Cockpit times yesterday, good times indeed. And find myself a new boy (last night) didn't quite work out as some girl got there first. Final announcement of the night. Queen bomber will be me, annie owes me breakfast. And Angel pub what was that all about? Sat with all the oldies staring, prob thought we were underage drinkers.

Highlights of the week.
Being in a house with Charlotte and Nia and two old couple, interviewing us, Like what the feck?? Seriously that was too weird. Honestly tell us why we think you should move in??? Erm i dont even want to live here like.

GOing to Shake

Going to Cockpit

Making actual start to animation, half way through woop.

This week, work more on animation aim to try finish it at least by end of the week or mid week, But going to sex with robots houseparty and kissing the lipless,will not make this appen, and i need to get a start with the other projects seriously now i have mannequins i should be able to start fashion project no doubt and watch Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!! Choose shot. i think i know which one already and write about it, good times. I need to do more knitting pfft omg thats just 20 days to write it.