Friday, 13 March 2009

Road to disaster. Ross's bday + swedish music +strangers

After a heavy day of drinking on wednesday, there just had to have another follow up, but not that soon surely, the day came and it was the day after wednesday, thursday it happened. It was Ross's Birthday and as usual i said i wouldn't drink that much, but i got a bit carried away, and i think everyone was mega drunk. Mo left stumbling all over the place. And i well this is the begiining of the story.

We drank at alan rd first and i had at least half bottle of Ross's rose which can't be good!! Then i had some whisky , which makes it just about sick from the thought of mentioning it, and finished with beer.Nice one.

We then headed off to Big Hands and martin left at this point after.

Then we actually walked to The Trof, and there we sat and drank and ate teacake. I saw Zakkkkk like after a year. So did some catching up then most the people just left and the drink i got Ross was still on the table, so saw Wes and the band Crystal Antlers, and just gave one of the guys Ross's drink. Oh my at this point, i saw the swedish guy and turns out it was his leaving party downstairs, i signed his flag, i think it said something like "i will miss seeing you around swedish guy!" i think his name is Jon im not sure, i was also talking to his g/f i think she said she's in a band.

At this point i was too drunk to care that i was actually left by myself, how sad.! I waited till i think Phil or Paul to finish Djing then i went with him to get a taxi to Purple Pussycat!!! At this point 2 other guys hopped in the taxi as well, one taking photos of me and my jacket, apparently he's in a band as well called 'The travelling Band' or something. Are everyone i bands??? Then we got to purple pussycat by this time i think i was sick and got some free drinks, ditched some people got talking to swedish guy there!!! I think i was just plain drunk as i noticed 2 guys kissing, can this be real? Taking to 2 other people, and they work at the Trof, these two i stayed with all night, and we got the taxi, yes another taxi to some flats near the Northern Quarter.

The place looked like a maze and i just couldn't stop stating how shiny the floor was or the tiles!! And the mirrors, oh dear god. At this point i think i was physically sick like later on, on the shiny floor. But i did hear some swedish music well not real swedish music but some Jens Lekman. I also had a wander round the flat it's so nice!!!!! The rooms so big i liked it all.

I was even more sick now, how i ended up o the couch was a mystery but that was my spot for the night as i was constantly throwing up on someones scarf! Oops! Oh well it was a adventure i guess, and i woke up and missed my lecture and walked into town looking a mess and all confused still a bit drunk. Got another taxi to Trof so the girl couls get her car and give me a lift, i never asked for her name but i know that shes going to Austria soon, i was still amazed by the shiny floor!!

I slept for too long when i got back to mine at like 2pm now my sleep patterns going to be completely messed up. I still feel sick ewwww.

One lesson to learn, never drink too much and mix!!!

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