Monday, 9 March 2009

I've been shortlisted woop!!!

Erm ok so i was literally having a breakdown last night, as nothing was going right and as time was ticking by, and my laptop being ever so slow i had an urge to just smash my laptop, that was how bad it was. But i was just saying to myself that i had to complete this trailer thing in time for the competition. So to my astonishment, usually my working speed for any animation = a day for a few secs worth of clip, but last night having already got 4secs of clip, i actually did an extra 11 secs yes but running like half an hour late when i sent it off.

This morning got email, my animation has been shortlisted!!!!!! WOop they want me to change a few things and after that who knows!!

BBC here i come!!!

Also me and hannah went round town to Afflecks Palace to look round for photoshoot. And we bought lots of polaroid films!!!

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