Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Today I part2

Went in for meeting, woop for me. Missed part on shop might msg andrea about it.

Had tutorial, one thing for sho, IM NOT LAZY. Woop again.

Yeah went back to house sat down with Marina and had a full meeting about trailer project and possible ideas, seems to be going well, we have a full storyboard which should i say last at least 20 secs so problem there. The problem is doing it now, as usual we've actually made it all pretty complicated, so yeah was meant to start on it today but going to do it tomorrow morn instead.

I watched 2 movies tonight, Party Monster and Howls Moving Castle, i think i prefered Howls Moving Castle more. I was expecting Party Monster to be really good, but it was quite disappointing maybe cos i was watching tv at the same time, but seriously, same parts were funny and some scary, but i really didn't quite get the hype. I am so de-hyped about it now, Not a good sign.

Howls Moving castle on the other hand, proved much different, the whole movie the images, was breath taking, and so detailed it almost looks like photos, must have took forever to make, and makes me want to have a go at something similar to that, not that detailed or large scale as that obvs.

Ahh Howl, and the flame. I loved the ending, reminded a bit of Wizard of Oz but a bit better, dreamier and just sweet. Oh yeah i want to buy Another Magazine and go to London to the Hussein Chalayan exhibition and if im there might have a go look round Tate Modern and V &A maybe serpentine as well, cause i've never been, which also remind me i should go to whitworth gallery to the subversive urban thing.

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