Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Special Suprises!

Hello all a few announcements, ahem (clears throat) So this trailer thing i knew things were bound to get bad, first my work disappears after a touch from the technician and a telling off what a mess my desktop looks and that i am on a path to disaster, too right too soon.

Yes i was slightly sad when i obviously lost the original file for the trailer, which means doing it all over again, but never say never, as i've just finished yet the trailer using a better format. Which should hopefully be fine for big screens, fingers cross thats if i get it. And still trying to avoid someone, hiding is the best. And tackling problems yourself seems to be the best way to it, since the many help i've had seems to leave me far from happy.

Ahhh detox plans!! Me and Katya went to really nice cafe just opposite uni, we had a plateful of salad, all types then went into town to buy cellulose and stick up a few posters, thats the way to do it and a bit of fruit and veg shopping for this detox, surely chocolate must help?

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