Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Pshhh 8am in the morn i wake up and drag myself out of bed as usual.

I've got to do this for the flea market i say to myself.

Leave house at 9am and meet charlotte at piccadilly bus station.

On our way to get bus to OldHam. Took about 40 mins to get there, and the whole journey feeling lost, was lost, asked bus driver twice.

Got out lost again looked at map, still lost, asked taxi driver, still a bit lost, walked round the corner there it was literally less than 2mins from the bus station, woop woop, excitement excitement, disappointment, disappointment.

Wahhh i pictured a really big open space with lots of junk and antique and bang, i get a junk yard, not quite what i pictured, with crap in a bad way, but we did see some cool stuff.

Like i got myself a massive knitting needle. YES. Picture on the way.

Lots and lots of jewellery and furniture!!! But my main goal was to take back a bike with me, but that never happened so me and charlotte never got a bike or record player.

Oldham really is well weird, everything about the place it's like as if it was built for old people we hardly saw any young people and when we did they were all scary looking. It felt like a seaside resort minus the sea, plus with al the burger stalls and candyfloss.

I managed to pick up a copy of fly tho, so worth the visit i guess, and some veg from a fruit and veg stall, bless the guy he was so nice.

Got back to the house and made pancakes for my version of pancake weds. Woop Errrr yoghurt and pear, yoghurt and banana with extra topping of sugar and icing sugarrr yummm. We didn't have no ice cream or anything or choc suace gutted. I was making dinner whilst landlord came to fix stuff no internet since coming back, its back on now tho woop.

House viewing tomorrow!!!! Group tutorial tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Smoking this place out!

Blahhhhhh Blahh Blh pftt pfft pfft, what is that smell i ask myself???!

Smells like somethings on fire and smokey, so i checked everything round the house and cleaned and hoovered everything but stil no signs of smoke/fire in the house.

Look out of window where smoke is coming from. Say What!?? And old man burning lots of crap outside the garden. I don't smell good, feel good, look good.

CArry on with my animation today and finish watching jan svankmajers short films.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Come dine with me!

Our dinner party was rather successful. We ate and we drank and explored and the usual. We had lovely curry made from scratch by Hanna and i did the tables, it was more a welcome dinner thing for our new housemate Marina. She moved in yesterday and has brought along with her lots of things, and bringing her own personal touch to the house, i really like the paintings she has brought with her and the one in the kitchen, the colour compliments each other and the kitchen and has brighten things up a lot.

I've been talking to Marina and we have the same interests, being creative in general, and just making things, i love the Cath Kidson bag she has as well and all the nicely patterned things she has. Awww shes sooo nice, i really enjoyed the dinner. Hmm yeah tomorrow i will do more work hopefully. I think i will go to bed now, everyone seems to have gone home or to sleep and im quite tired and want to wake up in time for tomorrows meeting, i hope i dot have to do the presentation tomorrow but i think my confidence has gradually increased no, as i can talk openly about my work to other people, im just not quite sure how i'll tackle talking to a big bunch of people, i hope i do fine.I sound gay, also i need to record my voice for noal and the whale for annie, and finish my animation now for sakis, and try get work experience as well, printing form again and filling it again and give it back to Urbis.

I'm well excited about my clubnight now bring on filthy animals, i need a house as well, but im actually starting to like the house and my room, i like how its small but just so different, and all the compliments from everyone else that has visited our house.

Soon Blud.

It's Alive

yeah my macbook is back to life now. Woop went in and got the frame or something fixed, so i can watch dvds again woop. This week will be working hard week!!!!

Well now im just watching Jan Svankmajers collection of short films and even though its dated in the 50's or so, it pretty much is till amazing. It doesn't feel at all outdated and the general idea still very original and quirky. I like how you can see the apparent theme in the short films and how it re occurs in each one, i.e Machinery

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Im moving!

Not me but my new housemate has finally moved in. Woop We're having a big curry night tomorrow night with everyone from Alan rd (people i used to live with last year). Im gonna get working tomorrow as well, and go into town hopefully get my laptop fixed fingers crossed) and do some work, thinking might go to uni and print more photos or something. And start my animation for sho, i want hi i need this, as Ian would put it, don't have a back up plan just go for it.

I also got shouted at by my mom for telling my sister to go for her dreams, and do what she wants, there's nothing wrong with that, i'd rather be living it rough and enjoy what im doing and not have enough money than sit in a office and work for something/ someone that i don't like .

I'm hungry for success!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Shot at film

My notes from today, like i missed half an hour, cause i woke up late thinking it was reading week, until i text Henry to confirm and he said it wasn't and didn't turn up anyway. So yeaaa.

We looked at shots i think, but i missed that and i only got the lighting part, which reminds me i need to go to the lighting induction sometime soon, cause i'll need to borrow lights from av store.

Hmm So here goes.

Lighting, is used for two different purposes.
1.) To create a image/illusion of reality
2.) Used expressively to create mood, ie fear, absence of light, shadows, represents morality.

And then we studied Vertigo, by Hitchcock.
The central character gets depression, and Hitchcock in the film uses lighting to accentuate this, by contrasting the bright sky with the central character.

Film Noir tends to use underlighting a lot.

And the three forms of lighting.
1.) Key Light - this is often directional spotlights, and can differ in length beams and often creates smaller shadow. Also illuminates significant area.

2.)Fil Light- this fills in the space and are normally based on the side of the set, they produce wider beams/more diffused. This also removes the intensity of the black and white in the lighting, reducing the intensity of Key Light.

3.)Back Light, comes from back of set, hence name. It is normally placed at an angle, so it does not shoot in camera.

German expressionism- lighting used to create world of darkness and shadows, now can be seen in horror, crime and science fiction films.

Also study of tv drama v Movie, can see common errors i tv drama as it's a low production compared to movies, which normally takes a year to shoot.

Film Studies:
Blood Simple

Some rather simple notes, so will have to do more research into the different lightings, and get notes from last week from lecture i went to, but forgot pen to write notes down, DUH!!! Also need to find my course outline thing for assignment question and find a film.


Yes ok so i've been stalking on facebook again hmmm but i came across this amazing video

Ahhhhh John Galliano you are an inspiration. Blahhhh i so would love to work for him or just get near him using any other way, ok so this must stop cause it's beginning to sound a bit too stalkerish. I aim to buy a Dior Couture dress sometime in my life. Fact.

Any way i was late for my lecture again, a disappointment i am. Which reminds me need to write up notes for it. I want to seriuosly make my own film soonnnnn.

ANd seriously i bought 2 tickets already for Black Lips gig in may i just can't get enough!!! Well i also borrowed 3 dvds from Library, can't wait to watch it not too sure what 'innocence' will be about, but seriously Jan Svankmajer can't wait to watch that. I feel well better than yesterday i even walked all the way from uni to my house.

hahah ok so i watched the second part of the catwalk and at the end (AMAZINGGGG) John Galliano walks out, and poses so much ha i love him so so so muchhhhhh, he's the only one person i think i would want to work with like ever in fashion....

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Black Lips!!! Eat Your heart out!

Craziest + best night ever!!!!!!!!!

We didn't get to see much of Crystal Stilts tho. The Soft Pack, i couldn't quite remember any of the set. Me and annie were acting like idiots and just going all over the place. We started talking to the cloakroom+merch people. And just dancing proper crazily when Black Lips came on, and went onto stage with bouncers coming at us and grabbed us big style. I could remember walking all over the place on the stage and trying not to fall onto the drums. Then after the set we wandered into the basement, where Black Lips were hanging out, and got free alcohol from the fridge and a polaroid with Ian and jared, i was rather disappointed tho cos i was looking forward to meeting Joe and Cole, but stil it was way awesome.

Then I got outside and this girl called me a dickhead!!! "This is the second time you've gone into me now, DICKHEAD!!", me: " Im sorry for being a DICKHEAD!!" And annie pouring water over me, nice!! Ha yeah we managed to get badges as well and Jareds shirt, which was soaking wet a mixture of beer and sweat, nice , why was i rubbing my face with it last night? Ewwww.

Today i feel a bit shit, i don't look good, don't feel good, don't smell good. And some crazy guy talking about god in town.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Waiting. 2.5 hours.

I woke up at 7 and feel a bit energetic and did loads of cleaning, no flea marketing todayyy. Next week is a must.

Ok and i know but The ting tings came on the tv, and it's a bit catchey, i like the video tho.

Right im off to Hoover and maybe go into uni to get a camera or video camera for tonight wooppppp.
Updates later

Haha this is just ace, and also i never hoovered cos i started watching black lips on vbs, they're just way too funny in all the wrong ways possible.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Deja Vous of zoo magazine digested into a million pieces

I never got the chance to go through Zoo magazine or infact my latest purchase of vogue or dazed and confused, so here i will guide you thru it :p. I remember saying why i picked it up because of the maison martin margiela dress made from recycled vinyl!!!! Well basically all other things inside the ma states what other high end market will state giving latest updates of colaborations etc, JEREMY SCOTT + ADIDASS!!! YES! Ok so i might have just mentioned this in a previous blog but still JEREMY SCOTT + ADIDAS!!!

Image from previous ID magazine, The infamous Jeremy Scott with muse, model Devon Aoki!!! Ok so i will stop going on about Jeremy Scott for the millionth time now.

Lets move on to atelier? What is atelier? I was wandering that when i was sat watching haute couture on BBCiplayer. I suppose it's someone that makes clothes? Ok so maybe not just searched it on google apparently it's a artist studio. Ok so i typed it in again but with fashion and this came up.

The sample room, or 'atelier' is a fixture of companies as diverse as Calvin Klein and Chanel. The need for practitioners within this area of craft, where time, application and tradition are matched by creativity, modernity and experimentation is, now more than ever, vital to the industry.

This new course has been developed to meet such demands and give a deep understanding of the overall process of the atelier and its professional demands. Tradition and technology both play a part in the course and course units develop and build your specialist skills as you work on project briefs set to fashion industry standards and expectations.

You will study traditional couture techniques along with drawing and illustration as means of design communication, preparing them to compete for jobs in this competitive and exclusive segment of the market. Traditional methods will be applied to innovative and experimental design solutions. Key areas covered in detail will be:

Couture tailoring
Couture dress making
Creative pattern cutting
Design and Illustration
All projects are supported by experienced academic staff and visiting industry practitioners and you learn to work to a professional standard and develop an intellectually grounded approach to the career paths demanded by this thriving industry.

A actualy degree in it shoooo why didn't i ever see that or ever know about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All i know is that it involves serious craftsmanship. Jealous. I'd love to be an atelier or whatever. Working on a Chanel dress for a week sticking on feathers. dream.

My fashion day dreams again ha lets go back to reality. noo i found the article on atelier Versace and saw this dress next to the article.

Also Bruce weber, "i've heard of him", i say to myself, and i should really read the article but it's just too long and today i aim to get past 3 magazine and 3 big chunky books, yeahh go me. so i will skip this lovely bit for later maybe a bedtime read.

Narcissist's club??? Say what????? Yes Narcissist's club in Tokyo, Japan, the only place that could possibly get away with anything like that. Ever listened to Css and Lovefoxx screams "My art is called egocentric soft porno / or maybe it's just narcissism". Hmmmm Yeah as i flip thru i find images of ..half naked people spread across the pages. Ahh Love Forever. I will try pay that club a visit when i make my way to japan this summer. They even have a myspace go check it


I have several ideas for this project but i can't decide if i should animate or film for it. After endless decision making etc i think i'm going to have a nack at animating for this project it's been late last year since my last animation, so i guess there's always room for improvement right? Well here's the chance to prove it. I've been thinking lately about the U2 song - City of blinding Lights and will most probably be using it for my animation, i don't care about copyright or whatever, i just want to do this.

Thoughts so far, i've been thinking about the history of a city, for some reason and what makes it, so i've been trying to state the different factors like, transport, people, buildings etc and how this will differ from rural. I was thinking of doing something quite modern to sum up the urban environment, but im not too sure now, there's other aspects i want to explore and im not sure if i should be so greedy right now and make things complicated for myself as usual.

I watched a short ad on TV last week at home, and it had 2d buildings popping up, which i quite liked, and want to have a go at trying to work it. Also i think it's time again i do some research on animators directors etc and specialist terms used in animating/filming, which also reminds me i need to copy noted from film lecture of Jeanette.

As well as using the U2 song for the animation, i don't want the song to be the focal point for my animaion, if you get what i mean, i want to be able to express my ideas as i wish without having to worry if the animation will fit in with the song, which i am extremely confident and know it will at least 99.9%. I hope so anyway, as animating has not started for this project yet, i can never say never so . . .

Im just listening to U2 now :).

Another thought i want to show a changing scenario like from old to new, and stuff replacing each other like new cars replacing old cars and new bright clothes replacing old ones. Erm but im not sure if this links in much with urban??? Im just doing some research on urban history!!

Also at the pub they played Robyn and i can spot Jeremy Scott from a mile away enjoy.

Can't stop, won't stop

Yes I can't stop blogging!!!
I'm at uni now just trying to print some photos from yesterday, and then afternoon meeting, and tutorial with Jon thats a maybe, updates later. UPDATE: I didn't go in the end, i went to pub for lunch with Franky, Charlotte and Kat and went home to spring up some ideas, after watching U2 on the screen.

Ok so photoshop keeps on crashing now pfft, but i'll be checking out purple pussycat tonight and flea market tomorrow and Black Lips, oh the added bonus!

Also i managed to print the photos, so think i might have a go on the lightbox, ready with my sunglasses, as it's looking quite bright and try trace parts and animate the ferris wheel. Hmmmmm. Update on my success later. Also my animation for Pulp is online now at, i know it's only like 1 sec long or something, and isn't quite what i wanted but still . . .

Also waiting for contest results, 1st March, i need this!!! Seriously!!! Think i might also try work more in film, ad editing i quite enjoyed it even tho it was stressful, half the time and i'm actually for once pleased with it.

Monday, 16 February 2009


By JEremy Scott!!!

A follow on from Jean charles de castelbajac's collection, one designer following a similar style is jeremy Scott, his collection, 'Let them eat gas', a yet playful approach to Marie Antoinette "let them eat cake", big hair, and cute dresses!! I love you Jeremy Scott!!!!

I love the pink swimsuit so cute with the big bold ribbons, and the second image from bottom, is the best dress so far it's so simple yet so chic. Also check out top photo of Jeremy Scotts collaboration with adidas!!!!! More pics later.


Colour +magic+ mushrooms

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac S/S 09 collection, mix of vibrant colours and quirky designs! Woah.

Sanchez, tripping, on magic mushrooms. Omg !

Oh my!

Ok so i might not have yet lived up to my expectations, no swimming no work today, basically being lazy as ever and being me. I went shopping instead, say what! Yes Shopping, i finally sort of got a lipstick i wanted, blackened redish, and found it in the form of 'Sleeks' Mulberry, what a name! Yeah as many of you may not know or heard of Sleek it is a relatively affordable well established brand founded in the 80s, made for the caribbeans i think. That may explain for the slightly dark tone.

Ol so for some reason i always imagined Daisy Lowe with black lips, but i still cant find an image with her, with blackish lipstick, im not making this up honest, but as you can see from the ysl catwalk, things went rather gothic, and this was still rather last season but i just had to quote ysl and nu goth band Ipso Facto, wears black lippy, so i tried it on myself, and bought it anyway, looking rather ridiculous now, sat here typing this with the lippy on. I think you can only carry this off, if you either enter the category of goth or looking model like. Oh well since 've bought it now, i might as well test it out soon-ish can't wait for people's reactions.

Oh and today subway vs Burger King i guess Subway won by a mile, nothing can beat a 1 out of 5 portion of fruit and veg a day right? I got to use my subway voucher and they do student discount plus, you can never feel guilty after a sub yum yum.

Oh and talking about food, i was talking organic, well not me but my friend kat, was discussing that, trying to find some organic face products, apparently there was an ad on dazed and confused about it, if you can't eat it then don't put it on your face. I suppose since our skin absorbs the chemicals thru our blood system right?

So i suppose where do we get affordable organic face products from, as organic seems to always portray a kind of high cullture cult thing, if you get me. I suppose you can always make your own, like my mum said once you can make skincare products with things around the house, like eggs and veg .

Also this is non organic related but took photos round town for urban project, it wasn't really real photography, but gave me basic idea of what my animation would include etc, and style it'd end up. Im going to have to edit photos tho and make it b&w, one thing im excited about is the big ferris wheel. So if i edit it tonight, i can hopefully get pics printed tomorrow. woooop. Success!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Being lazy

So this blogger obviously sucks and won't let me load the video for Black Lips Pftt. Anyhow i have spent the past few days sorting the vid out and persuading ppl to vote, so far it seems like this is not as successful as i thought it'd be. Oh well so far 7 likes, you can't really ask for more can you now.

Tomorrow, i look forward to renting a decent camera out and taking photos round manchester, and after editing photos manipulating it as much as i can using all kind of methods and techniques etc etc, and then with these images, make an animation with it, inspiration from ellies glasses animation and Robert Breer (i think). For Sakis's project. Oh and song by U2 city of blinding lights. Swimming also!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Black Lips, Starting Over, Friday 13th.

Finally, disappointment and then happiness! Woop so a day getting my lightbox, And then food shopping, forgetting my keys, so sat outside for nearly an hour in the car. Oh yeah lecture no pen = no notes.

Filming, wasn't as successful as i thought it'd be was well disappointed, and then we went to mac suite to edit film and found system was down, so couldnt log in and when we did we me and hanna couldn't work final cut pro plahhhhh. Nothing was going right for sho.

Well we saved the work and then i opened it on my laptop but it wouldn't even open , so i thought i;d have to start all over again and then i can't remember if it was me or hanna we thought of using video clips we already had. So all those years of doing reckless things and filming stupid things, it finally comes to good use ahhh. Well after several hours of intense editing by me and hanna also sourcing the video clips, we've finally finished, and it's the first time in ages ive actually felt like i've achieved something. woop!!! I think things are looking good, but i'll stop here, don't want to jinx it all etc.

Here it is!!!! Its quite pixellated tho. Youtube or vimeo wouldnt let me upload the dv format!!

Later updates Later.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Be Wonderful and Be Strange

Ok so word has it that for the next issue of ID there will be 12 covers and will be titled 'The best of British', featuring 12 past and present models, how fabulous. Im just wandering which cover to get now, i am mostly excited about the Daisy Lowe, Aggy and Lily Donaldson cover. Blahhh which one to get???? Oh and actually just forgot a few models didn't quite make it, i would have quite liked to see Coco Rocha, Lily Cole and Daria Werbowy. Oh well, none the less, the covers look great!!

Bored Party Bored Party Bored Party

yeah ok last post today, so don't worry, before i bore you all ( which prob means myself, i doubt anyone will be reading any of this). I think i feel sick from eating lots of sweet stuff today that meaning chocolate fingers and hanna's homemade apple cinnamon cake/biscuit thing. Now im just bored listening to Kings of Leon on TV, so nice.

Ohhhhh and It's Partyyyyyyyyyyyyy time!!! As me and Hanna will be throwing a frat party, so come down anyone. Can't wait first houseparty woop, gonna try get speakers and shizz of someone. Should be good, day before valentines day aye! Oh updates as well my sister got her lip pierced see what did she say about me torment me years ago when i wanted it done, and what has she done now, properly annoyed tho. Pfft and i didn't even ever get to pierce my lip pfft, which reminds me i need to buy studs for ears ive left ym ring which costs £15 at Trevor Sorbie, when getting my haircut. This is the secong one i've lost now. ANNOYED OR WHAT.

Remembering stopmotion, seabear and mum

OK so a friend recently sent me a link to a animation 'They made frogs till they explode' for the band mum, i just had a smile on my face watching it the whole time, and then i finally remembered i actually came across the video already last year. This was also when i had a horrible obsession with the band Seabear, they also featured in The Science of Sleep. This also was the time when i was just obsessed with Swedish bands and guys. Weird eh. I sing I swim was probably my favourite Seabear, they have a very distinct sound to them, almost nostalgic and chill out. Listening to it brings back certain good sweet memories and makes me never want to grow old. Also they might come across as talented musicians but they're also artists as well; Inga Ingebjorg, directed videos for Mum and Seabear. Also the animations reminds me of Chad Vangaalans animations.

This reminds me that i can actually make stopmotion animation, and has me wandering why i've been trying to stay away from it for so long, mostly due to the fact it's time consuming and although most people say that it's also rewarding to see end results and also told by my tutor once that anything stopmotion, even if you did crap looks good, i strongly disagree. Yeah most stopmotion looks good, but mine doesn't, i just never seem to be pleased with the results, i don't know if this is due to the lack of my confidence or that i feel i can do better if i put in the extra effort.

Fashion Bits and Bobs and Zoo Magazine (thats zoo as in the berlin based mag, not the lads mag, got it)

Yea so a recent trip to Magma in the Northern Quarter resulted in my spending spree on Zoo Magazine. I was spoilt for choices really, i was surrounded by lots and lots of books, think i might go back in some other day and have a look round again. Well one thing that caught my eye and why i chose Zoo Magazine, was the front cover, of a model (Alana Zimmer) wearing Maison Martin Margiela. I should have known! Who else would recycle old vinyls? SO that was why i bought it although there was Rubbish and a Indie Magazine and like a dozen more i wanted.

Secondly, i saw these shoes, and if i read it right, it's Hermes. Look at the heel, it says it's 10cm high. I love the block colours, very art deco and i think thats prob where the influence came from.

Last Night (sung to the tune of The Strokes)

Was ace, i went for a meal with hannah, katya and charlotte at pizza express and ordered the weirdest pizza ever with capers, anchovies and egg? Hmmm interesting none the less i was full after and we got the meal for free!!!!! Wooop yeah so we headed to the AMC to watch 'He's just not that into you', which equally made my day. I thought it was honestly going to be one of those crappy chick flick/romantic comedy and it was but in a good way, Awwww alex and gigi, bless, time i find myself a new boy i say.

Well today i am on a quest to find a lightbox, if not i might just cry and miss the biggest opportunity ever to have my work shown around europe (London, manchester and Poland) Blahhhhh why didn't i start earlier blahhhh, well i only got told yesterday it's in for next week thats the same day as Black Lips at the trof blahhhh even more. I''ll be working hard hard hard for next few days i guess, but seriously can't wait for flea market!!!!!!

SO i've found myself a nice newish light box
tidied more of my room, so impressed with it
Bought a camera for my animation, so now i have a whole home animation suite :)
Camera= regular updates on outfits pics of my nice clean room minus the downstairs part
Facebook status update, hannah left me.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New hair New me

Ehhh yeah so i showcased my new hair today did some, shopping cleaned my room (kind of) At last i managed to vacuum my room, ive never been so keen ever to hoover, i've been waiting for this, for like months!!! Oh and met new housemate called Marina, she's spanish and cool, also she has mannequins i can borrow :) which is a plus and can cook me some nice spanish food.

Bad news tho i only found out that my Poland project i was doing is like due in next week, gutted like i was going to re do my animation and shizz time is seriously running out blahhhhh, im kind of annoyed. hmmmmmm yeah and dying my hair blue yeshhh!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Todays last rant and possible haircut update!

This is for annie most probably :p.
Ok so where should i start. I have so much to say but not quite sure how to put to words. After most recent thoughts and going out, without sounding too crude or whatever. I hate to say this and i really do mean it, but why for many years people have hated scenesters i never quite got. I mean i know that you'll get a few decent ones etc same with every scene or whatever people call people nowadays, same with music people try to group bands into categories, maybe then it's easier for people to understand, if you get me.
Honestly though until this day i thought i'd never say it but aren't scenesters the most annoying kids nowadays, not only do they choose not to acknowledge your presence, and scream as loud as possible to attract as much attention as possible to lets say their nicely done/messed up hair or skinny jeans to show off their extra skinny legs, which makes me want to cry even more, yes, call me a fat bitch or whatever.
The very day i went to Kissing the Lipless i knew something of a scenester domination might just happen. At last it did. Not only do they annoyingly wear nice vintage clothes and wear lipstick and know nothing about anything and stand there acting all cool. Yes you have a marc jacobs bag, does it really look like i care? yes ok i might a fair bit cause i'd love to own one, god im a walking contradiction, but most of all what makes them think they're better than anyone else???? Ok yes i might look like a tramp, so that might be why. Last thing whoever made the word scenester up anyway???????

Oh and my hair looks like this kind of.

Fashion and Fetishism!

Hell Yes!!!! I'm definitely going to this lecture i thought, and indeed i did. Just what i imagined, Vivienne Westwood, shoes and Freud.

So first we looked at fetishism in two ways, clothing and interests, lets think PVC, rubber, latex and leather, this is exactly what i like with some spandex thrown in. Think of fetishism as a subculture.

To give you a clear idea, I'll reference some photos from the skin catalogue and an early image of Diane Rig as Mrs Peel in the Avengers.

The significance of this ( Diane Rig in Avengers) played a very big role in the boundaries of fetishism crossing between underground and mainstream. The comic itself being underground, but being shown on TV making it mainstream. As you can see in the image, D.Rig is in a tight leather catsuit, accentuating her body and also wearing big black boots, some would say this was a powerful image for women at the time.

PUNK!!! Anarchy in the 70s? The credits has to go to Vivienne Westwood as most forward thinking designer of the time.

What V.Westwood created wasn't just a whole new generation of punks and DIY ethics, she rebelled against the tradition, breaking boundaries and lead towards transgressive clothing (Exceeding a limit or boundary, especially of social acceptability) and in this as the tshirt above, what you see is a swastika over the word destroy, in doing this she is not promoting Nazism( or whatever you call it) in anyway, but she is destroying this in doing so she is destroying the structure of capitalism etc.etc

Above, Look at that waist!!! Its tiny, when i first saw the image, i was quite horrified to say the least a man in a corset!!!! Well this guy is in fact Fakir Musafer, self portrait dated 1959.

Move on towards the present. Looking at fashion photography, many of the images we see in magazines pays some reference to fetishism, this can be seen below, a image of Madonna for the Louis Vuitton Ad campaign

This image has been criticised by many, mainly due to Madonnas age and the raunchy position she is in. She is drawing attention to her crotch, and there she wears a feather skirt, this in someway links with Freuds theory( feathers near crotch represents pubic hair?). But then the attention is taken away by the shoes Madonna's wearing notice the long heel.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Grammys 2009 MIA yeahh!

Oh ok so i didn't realise the Baftas was yesterday but MIA pregnant?? I didn't realise that either. Well good luck to her, was that possibly why she cancelled her tour dates last summer? And also just watching now as im talking/writing/whatever/whichever. Kate Beckinsale presenting? Hmm And also kudos to MIA performing on her due date and is her b/f Diplo? When most would hide the bump she did herself justice by proudly showing her big bump, and dressed part stylish part revealing, true legend.

Also start filming soon for Black Lips video i think.

I went swimming today as well woop woop, burn of those calories and fat cells!!! 2 hours floating was fun!! Anyway my best buy today, a metallic bag from Primark ok yeah i know, so it's from Primark but i just had to buy it, i mean it was the shiniest thing ever, and reminds me of a American Apparel one that i wanted ages ago, so yeah this gives you more of an excuse to hate me, but im a STUDENT, so thats my excuse i cant go round buying expensive bags when i can find a similar one at a lower price by like a a 70% or something. Rant Over, you can criticise me all you want now.

Everytime i look into your eyes i see the future

Yeah right!
Well i've found possibly the coolest designer ever, mixing shapes and forms, distorting human forms, creating shapes and so on and forth. Make room for Sandra Backlund. Her designs are visionary, each ones, unique twist of knitted techniques ends up as something out of a futuristic film. Check out the shapes and origami thrown in occassionally. A sight for all, with all the detailing, im a sucker for detailing i just love those bits of details that you'd miss, if you didn't pay enough attention to and of course my love for knitting, which is something i should go back into again. Some would say jealousy or rather admiration, towards her ideas, how i wish i could create something as beautiful as her designs. It's so intricate yet so simple if you get me, ahhh just PERFECT!!!

Oh other news yes the clubnight ive managed to sort out a poster with the design by lovely fayeee. Thank You

Seriously can't wait, everyone i've spoken to seems very supportive and just excited as i am, time to dig out my panda outfit :)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Do Me Couture!!

Haute coulture Spring Summer 2009!!!
Jean Paul Gaultier's collection mix of frills, lace and ruffles

More to come later!

Found found found!!!

Ok so the last blog i mentioned leggings and a designer i cant quite recall, well i knew he was called Henrik and ive found him he's called Henrik Vibskov!!!! This might be a bit outdated as the leggings was prob last fall but i just have to post images of the leggings.

AMAZING or what!!!! If only i had money to burn. And lately everyones been hyping Empire of the Sun. But you have to admit that Luke Steel looks amazing, i don't think theres any other guys that can carry of the make up etc well maybe Patrick Wolf.

Oh and also weather update snow snow snow. Ahhhh im a happy child again.


Friday, 6 February 2009

I have no money, so stop looking at clothes!

Yes!! So so so my work and uni stuff out of the way lets talk clothes and fashion!!

The many that do know me or lie with me will know that i have a endless collection of tights and leggings, some will say fetish? I am on a quest to break a world record for biggest collection of tights/ leggings. So updates, i am totally lusting over any tacky things right now and acid patterned type thing and lycra!! Think of all the possibilities!

So Ok i might be a bit late with this, as this designer has been featured in stylebubbles blog like yonks ago but just had to.

Want more, lust more!
Yes, yes, yes!!

Well ive got more, check out the topshop collection plahhhhh its to die for but then again is it really worth that much, i might try get on my sewing machine and make some myself.

One person to watch Anthony Vaccarello

also Oh and theres one big designer i really want to mention called henrik something i think not sure, but he does block coloured leggings with puffy thing coming out of the knee, not just any normal leggings i guess, i will have to research more into that as for David david don't even get me started.

Lecture plecture

So i actually made it to my lecture this morning, after a night out and sleeping at like 4 in the morning, this self motivation really is working i suppose.

So I was still 15 mins late.

Anyway i was thinking of new ideas, like for the urban project, something really simple, by recording scenes around manchester day ad night and maybe even using the crookers day and night track clever eh.

Anyway above is some photos from yesterday like ive promised. Its not amazing but its showing the process of my plastic glove dress in making.

Oh and also i will post some more poland photos up. And maybe pages from my magazine.

Oh and my clubnight is 18th March everyone seems pretty excited about it so yeah can't wait.

Oh also some work i need to do research fashion terms, eg darting biased cut etc and film terms superimpose etc write up notes as well.