Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I have several ideas for this project but i can't decide if i should animate or film for it. After endless decision making etc i think i'm going to have a nack at animating for this project it's been late last year since my last animation, so i guess there's always room for improvement right? Well here's the chance to prove it. I've been thinking lately about the U2 song - City of blinding Lights and will most probably be using it for my animation, i don't care about copyright or whatever, i just want to do this.

Thoughts so far, i've been thinking about the history of a city, for some reason and what makes it, so i've been trying to state the different factors like, transport, people, buildings etc and how this will differ from rural. I was thinking of doing something quite modern to sum up the urban environment, but im not too sure now, there's other aspects i want to explore and im not sure if i should be so greedy right now and make things complicated for myself as usual.

I watched a short ad on TV last week at home, and it had 2d buildings popping up, which i quite liked, and want to have a go at trying to work it. Also i think it's time again i do some research on animators directors etc and specialist terms used in animating/filming, which also reminds me i need to copy noted from film lecture of Jeanette.

As well as using the U2 song for the animation, i don't want the song to be the focal point for my animaion, if you get what i mean, i want to be able to express my ideas as i wish without having to worry if the animation will fit in with the song, which i am extremely confident and know it will at least 99.9%. I hope so anyway, as animating has not started for this project yet, i can never say never so . . .

Im just listening to U2 now :).

Another thought i want to show a changing scenario like from old to new, and stuff replacing each other like new cars replacing old cars and new bright clothes replacing old ones. Erm but im not sure if this links in much with urban??? Im just doing some research on urban history!!

Also at the pub they played Robyn and i can spot Jeremy Scott from a mile away enjoy.

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