Thursday, 12 February 2009

Last Night (sung to the tune of The Strokes)

Was ace, i went for a meal with hannah, katya and charlotte at pizza express and ordered the weirdest pizza ever with capers, anchovies and egg? Hmmm interesting none the less i was full after and we got the meal for free!!!!! Wooop yeah so we headed to the AMC to watch 'He's just not that into you', which equally made my day. I thought it was honestly going to be one of those crappy chick flick/romantic comedy and it was but in a good way, Awwww alex and gigi, bless, time i find myself a new boy i say.

Well today i am on a quest to find a lightbox, if not i might just cry and miss the biggest opportunity ever to have my work shown around europe (London, manchester and Poland) Blahhhhh why didn't i start earlier blahhhh, well i only got told yesterday it's in for next week thats the same day as Black Lips at the trof blahhhh even more. I''ll be working hard hard hard for next few days i guess, but seriously can't wait for flea market!!!!!!

SO i've found myself a nice newish light box
tidied more of my room, so impressed with it
Bought a camera for my animation, so now i have a whole home animation suite :)
Camera= regular updates on outfits pics of my nice clean room minus the downstairs part
Facebook status update, hannah left me.

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