Friday, 6 February 2009

Lecture plecture

So i actually made it to my lecture this morning, after a night out and sleeping at like 4 in the morning, this self motivation really is working i suppose.

So I was still 15 mins late.

Anyway i was thinking of new ideas, like for the urban project, something really simple, by recording scenes around manchester day ad night and maybe even using the crookers day and night track clever eh.

Anyway above is some photos from yesterday like ive promised. Its not amazing but its showing the process of my plastic glove dress in making.

Oh and also i will post some more poland photos up. And maybe pages from my magazine.

Oh and my clubnight is 18th March everyone seems pretty excited about it so yeah can't wait.

Oh also some work i need to do research fashion terms, eg darting biased cut etc and film terms superimpose etc write up notes as well.


Merily said...

this is really creative, said...

Wow Thank You it's just for a project im working on, ive just been on your sequin magazine. As if you have a magazine called Sequin, thats amazing!