Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Todays last rant and possible haircut update!

This is for annie most probably :p.
Ok so where should i start. I have so much to say but not quite sure how to put to words. After most recent thoughts and going out, without sounding too crude or whatever. I hate to say this and i really do mean it, but why for many years people have hated scenesters i never quite got. I mean i know that you'll get a few decent ones etc same with every scene or whatever people call people nowadays, same with music people try to group bands into categories, maybe then it's easier for people to understand, if you get me.
Honestly though until this day i thought i'd never say it but aren't scenesters the most annoying kids nowadays, not only do they choose not to acknowledge your presence, and scream as loud as possible to attract as much attention as possible to lets say their nicely done/messed up hair or skinny jeans to show off their extra skinny legs, which makes me want to cry even more, yes, call me a fat bitch or whatever.
The very day i went to Kissing the Lipless i knew something of a scenester domination might just happen. At last it did. Not only do they annoyingly wear nice vintage clothes and wear lipstick and know nothing about anything and stand there acting all cool. Yes you have a marc jacobs bag, does it really look like i care? yes ok i might a fair bit cause i'd love to own one, god im a walking contradiction, but most of all what makes them think they're better than anyone else???? Ok yes i might look like a tramp, so that might be why. Last thing whoever made the word scenester up anyway???????

Oh and my hair looks like this kind of.

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Maple La Lupine said...

Awwh, Bonnie! Youve finally come round. I was on the hate train long ago.

Do they like music? Why yes! Apparently they looove it, but they only love it because they think theyre suposed to, not just because they do?

Hahah Bonnie, Scensters, I thiiink it was the Cribs who made it up?