Monday, 16 February 2009

Oh my!

Ok so i might not have yet lived up to my expectations, no swimming no work today, basically being lazy as ever and being me. I went shopping instead, say what! Yes Shopping, i finally sort of got a lipstick i wanted, blackened redish, and found it in the form of 'Sleeks' Mulberry, what a name! Yeah as many of you may not know or heard of Sleek it is a relatively affordable well established brand founded in the 80s, made for the caribbeans i think. That may explain for the slightly dark tone.

Ol so for some reason i always imagined Daisy Lowe with black lips, but i still cant find an image with her, with blackish lipstick, im not making this up honest, but as you can see from the ysl catwalk, things went rather gothic, and this was still rather last season but i just had to quote ysl and nu goth band Ipso Facto, wears black lippy, so i tried it on myself, and bought it anyway, looking rather ridiculous now, sat here typing this with the lippy on. I think you can only carry this off, if you either enter the category of goth or looking model like. Oh well since 've bought it now, i might as well test it out soon-ish can't wait for people's reactions.

Oh and today subway vs Burger King i guess Subway won by a mile, nothing can beat a 1 out of 5 portion of fruit and veg a day right? I got to use my subway voucher and they do student discount plus, you can never feel guilty after a sub yum yum.

Oh and talking about food, i was talking organic, well not me but my friend kat, was discussing that, trying to find some organic face products, apparently there was an ad on dazed and confused about it, if you can't eat it then don't put it on your face. I suppose since our skin absorbs the chemicals thru our blood system right?

So i suppose where do we get affordable organic face products from, as organic seems to always portray a kind of high cullture cult thing, if you get me. I suppose you can always make your own, like my mum said once you can make skincare products with things around the house, like eggs and veg .

Also this is non organic related but took photos round town for urban project, it wasn't really real photography, but gave me basic idea of what my animation would include etc, and style it'd end up. Im going to have to edit photos tho and make it b&w, one thing im excited about is the big ferris wheel. So if i edit it tonight, i can hopefully get pics printed tomorrow. woooop. Success!

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