Monday, 9 February 2009

Grammys 2009 MIA yeahh!

Oh ok so i didn't realise the Baftas was yesterday but MIA pregnant?? I didn't realise that either. Well good luck to her, was that possibly why she cancelled her tour dates last summer? And also just watching now as im talking/writing/whatever/whichever. Kate Beckinsale presenting? Hmm And also kudos to MIA performing on her due date and is her b/f Diplo? When most would hide the bump she did herself justice by proudly showing her big bump, and dressed part stylish part revealing, true legend.

Also start filming soon for Black Lips video i think.

I went swimming today as well woop woop, burn of those calories and fat cells!!! 2 hours floating was fun!! Anyway my best buy today, a metallic bag from Primark ok yeah i know, so it's from Primark but i just had to buy it, i mean it was the shiniest thing ever, and reminds me of a American Apparel one that i wanted ages ago, so yeah this gives you more of an excuse to hate me, but im a STUDENT, so thats my excuse i cant go round buying expensive bags when i can find a similar one at a lower price by like a a 70% or something. Rant Over, you can criticise me all you want now.

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