Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Can't stop, won't stop

Yes I can't stop blogging!!!
I'm at uni now just trying to print some photos from yesterday, and then afternoon meeting, and tutorial with Jon thats a maybe, updates later. UPDATE: I didn't go in the end, i went to pub for lunch with Franky, Charlotte and Kat and went home to spring up some ideas, after watching U2 on the screen.

Ok so photoshop keeps on crashing now pfft, but i'll be checking out purple pussycat tonight and flea market tomorrow and Black Lips, oh the added bonus!

Also i managed to print the photos, so think i might have a go on the lightbox, ready with my sunglasses, as it's looking quite bright and try trace parts and animate the ferris wheel. Hmmmmm. Update on my success later. Also my animation for Pulp is online now at www.pulpmagazine.co.uk/fashion, i know it's only like 1 sec long or something, and isn't quite what i wanted but still . . .

Also waiting for contest results, 1st March, i need this!!! Seriously!!! Think i might also try work more in film, ad editing i quite enjoyed it even tho it was stressful, half the time and i'm actually for once pleased with it.

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