Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Pshhh 8am in the morn i wake up and drag myself out of bed as usual.

I've got to do this for the flea market i say to myself.

Leave house at 9am and meet charlotte at piccadilly bus station.

On our way to get bus to OldHam. Took about 40 mins to get there, and the whole journey feeling lost, was lost, asked bus driver twice.

Got out lost again looked at map, still lost, asked taxi driver, still a bit lost, walked round the corner there it was literally less than 2mins from the bus station, woop woop, excitement excitement, disappointment, disappointment.

Wahhh i pictured a really big open space with lots of junk and antique and bang, i get a junk yard, not quite what i pictured, with crap in a bad way, but we did see some cool stuff.

Like i got myself a massive knitting needle. YES. Picture on the way.

Lots and lots of jewellery and furniture!!! But my main goal was to take back a bike with me, but that never happened so me and charlotte never got a bike or record player.

Oldham really is well weird, everything about the place it's like as if it was built for old people we hardly saw any young people and when we did they were all scary looking. It felt like a seaside resort minus the sea, plus with al the burger stalls and candyfloss.

I managed to pick up a copy of fly tho, so worth the visit i guess, and some veg from a fruit and veg stall, bless the guy he was so nice.

Got back to the house and made pancakes for my version of pancake weds. Woop Errrr yoghurt and pear, yoghurt and banana with extra topping of sugar and icing sugarrr yummm. We didn't have no ice cream or anything or choc suace gutted. I was making dinner whilst landlord came to fix stuff no internet since coming back, its back on now tho woop.

House viewing tomorrow!!!! Group tutorial tomorrow.

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