Friday, 20 February 2009

Shot at film

My notes from today, like i missed half an hour, cause i woke up late thinking it was reading week, until i text Henry to confirm and he said it wasn't and didn't turn up anyway. So yeaaa.

We looked at shots i think, but i missed that and i only got the lighting part, which reminds me i need to go to the lighting induction sometime soon, cause i'll need to borrow lights from av store.

Hmm So here goes.

Lighting, is used for two different purposes.
1.) To create a image/illusion of reality
2.) Used expressively to create mood, ie fear, absence of light, shadows, represents morality.

And then we studied Vertigo, by Hitchcock.
The central character gets depression, and Hitchcock in the film uses lighting to accentuate this, by contrasting the bright sky with the central character.

Film Noir tends to use underlighting a lot.

And the three forms of lighting.
1.) Key Light - this is often directional spotlights, and can differ in length beams and often creates smaller shadow. Also illuminates significant area.

2.)Fil Light- this fills in the space and are normally based on the side of the set, they produce wider beams/more diffused. This also removes the intensity of the black and white in the lighting, reducing the intensity of Key Light.

3.)Back Light, comes from back of set, hence name. It is normally placed at an angle, so it does not shoot in camera.

German expressionism- lighting used to create world of darkness and shadows, now can be seen in horror, crime and science fiction films.

Also study of tv drama v Movie, can see common errors i tv drama as it's a low production compared to movies, which normally takes a year to shoot.

Film Studies:
Blood Simple

Some rather simple notes, so will have to do more research into the different lightings, and get notes from last week from lecture i went to, but forgot pen to write notes down, DUH!!! Also need to find my course outline thing for assignment question and find a film.

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