Thursday, 19 February 2009

Black Lips!!! Eat Your heart out!

Craziest + best night ever!!!!!!!!!

We didn't get to see much of Crystal Stilts tho. The Soft Pack, i couldn't quite remember any of the set. Me and annie were acting like idiots and just going all over the place. We started talking to the cloakroom+merch people. And just dancing proper crazily when Black Lips came on, and went onto stage with bouncers coming at us and grabbed us big style. I could remember walking all over the place on the stage and trying not to fall onto the drums. Then after the set we wandered into the basement, where Black Lips were hanging out, and got free alcohol from the fridge and a polaroid with Ian and jared, i was rather disappointed tho cos i was looking forward to meeting Joe and Cole, but stil it was way awesome.

Then I got outside and this girl called me a dickhead!!! "This is the second time you've gone into me now, DICKHEAD!!", me: " Im sorry for being a DICKHEAD!!" And annie pouring water over me, nice!! Ha yeah we managed to get badges as well and Jareds shirt, which was soaking wet a mixture of beer and sweat, nice , why was i rubbing my face with it last night? Ewwww.

Today i feel a bit shit, i don't look good, don't feel good, don't smell good. And some crazy guy talking about god in town.

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