Thursday, 12 February 2009

Fashion Bits and Bobs and Zoo Magazine (thats zoo as in the berlin based mag, not the lads mag, got it)

Yea so a recent trip to Magma in the Northern Quarter resulted in my spending spree on Zoo Magazine. I was spoilt for choices really, i was surrounded by lots and lots of books, think i might go back in some other day and have a look round again. Well one thing that caught my eye and why i chose Zoo Magazine, was the front cover, of a model (Alana Zimmer) wearing Maison Martin Margiela. I should have known! Who else would recycle old vinyls? SO that was why i bought it although there was Rubbish and a Indie Magazine and like a dozen more i wanted.

Secondly, i saw these shoes, and if i read it right, it's Hermes. Look at the heel, it says it's 10cm high. I love the block colours, very art deco and i think thats prob where the influence came from.

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