Thursday, 12 February 2009

Remembering stopmotion, seabear and mum

OK so a friend recently sent me a link to a animation 'They made frogs till they explode' for the band mum, i just had a smile on my face watching it the whole time, and then i finally remembered i actually came across the video already last year. This was also when i had a horrible obsession with the band Seabear, they also featured in The Science of Sleep. This also was the time when i was just obsessed with Swedish bands and guys. Weird eh. I sing I swim was probably my favourite Seabear, they have a very distinct sound to them, almost nostalgic and chill out. Listening to it brings back certain good sweet memories and makes me never want to grow old. Also they might come across as talented musicians but they're also artists as well; Inga Ingebjorg, directed videos for Mum and Seabear. Also the animations reminds me of Chad Vangaalans animations.

This reminds me that i can actually make stopmotion animation, and has me wandering why i've been trying to stay away from it for so long, mostly due to the fact it's time consuming and although most people say that it's also rewarding to see end results and also told by my tutor once that anything stopmotion, even if you did crap looks good, i strongly disagree. Yeah most stopmotion looks good, but mine doesn't, i just never seem to be pleased with the results, i don't know if this is due to the lack of my confidence or that i feel i can do better if i put in the extra effort.


Maple La Lupine said...

Hey, did you know that Avey Tare (from AC) His wife is/was in Mum!

Well the one animation ive seen of yours I thought was real good! said...

Oh wow omg i never knew that ahhhh. And animation im making one for next week!!!