Friday, 13 February 2009

Black Lips, Starting Over, Friday 13th.

Finally, disappointment and then happiness! Woop so a day getting my lightbox, And then food shopping, forgetting my keys, so sat outside for nearly an hour in the car. Oh yeah lecture no pen = no notes.

Filming, wasn't as successful as i thought it'd be was well disappointed, and then we went to mac suite to edit film and found system was down, so couldnt log in and when we did we me and hanna couldn't work final cut pro plahhhhh. Nothing was going right for sho.

Well we saved the work and then i opened it on my laptop but it wouldn't even open , so i thought i;d have to start all over again and then i can't remember if it was me or hanna we thought of using video clips we already had. So all those years of doing reckless things and filming stupid things, it finally comes to good use ahhh. Well after several hours of intense editing by me and hanna also sourcing the video clips, we've finally finished, and it's the first time in ages ive actually felt like i've achieved something. woop!!! I think things are looking good, but i'll stop here, don't want to jinx it all etc.

Here it is!!!! Its quite pixellated tho. Youtube or vimeo wouldnt let me upload the dv format!!

Later updates Later.

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