Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bored Party Bored Party Bored Party

yeah ok last post today, so don't worry, before i bore you all ( which prob means myself, i doubt anyone will be reading any of this). I think i feel sick from eating lots of sweet stuff today that meaning chocolate fingers and hanna's homemade apple cinnamon cake/biscuit thing. Now im just bored listening to Kings of Leon on TV, so nice.

Ohhhhh and It's Partyyyyyyyyyyyyy time!!! As me and Hanna will be throwing a frat party, so come down anyone. Can't wait first houseparty woop, gonna try get speakers and shizz of someone. Should be good, day before valentines day aye! Oh updates as well my sister got her lip pierced see what did she say about me torment me years ago when i wanted it done, and what has she done now, properly annoyed tho. Pfft and i didn't even ever get to pierce my lip pfft, which reminds me i need to buy studs for ears ive left ym ring which costs £15 at Trevor Sorbie, when getting my haircut. This is the secong one i've lost now. ANNOYED OR WHAT.

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