Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Deja Vous of zoo magazine digested into a million pieces

I never got the chance to go through Zoo magazine or infact my latest purchase of vogue or dazed and confused, so here i will guide you thru it :p. I remember saying why i picked it up because of the maison martin margiela dress made from recycled vinyl!!!! Well basically all other things inside the ma states what other high end market will state giving latest updates of colaborations etc, JEREMY SCOTT + ADIDASS!!! YES! Ok so i might have just mentioned this in a previous blog but still JEREMY SCOTT + ADIDAS!!!

Image from previous ID magazine, The infamous Jeremy Scott with muse, model Devon Aoki!!! Ok so i will stop going on about Jeremy Scott for the millionth time now.

Lets move on to atelier? What is atelier? I was wandering that when i was sat watching haute couture on BBCiplayer. I suppose it's someone that makes clothes? Ok so maybe not just searched it on google apparently it's a artist studio. Ok so i typed it in again but with fashion and this came up.

The sample room, or 'atelier' is a fixture of companies as diverse as Calvin Klein and Chanel. The need for practitioners within this area of craft, where time, application and tradition are matched by creativity, modernity and experimentation is, now more than ever, vital to the industry.

This new course has been developed to meet such demands and give a deep understanding of the overall process of the atelier and its professional demands. Tradition and technology both play a part in the course and course units develop and build your specialist skills as you work on project briefs set to fashion industry standards and expectations.

You will study traditional couture techniques along with drawing and illustration as means of design communication, preparing them to compete for jobs in this competitive and exclusive segment of the market. Traditional methods will be applied to innovative and experimental design solutions. Key areas covered in detail will be:

Couture tailoring
Couture dress making
Creative pattern cutting
Design and Illustration
All projects are supported by experienced academic staff and visiting industry practitioners and you learn to work to a professional standard and develop an intellectually grounded approach to the career paths demanded by this thriving industry.

A actualy degree in it shoooo why didn't i ever see that or ever know about it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All i know is that it involves serious craftsmanship. Jealous. I'd love to be an atelier or whatever. Working on a Chanel dress for a week sticking on feathers. dream.

My fashion day dreams again ha lets go back to reality. noo i found the article on atelier Versace and saw this dress next to the article.

Also Bruce weber, "i've heard of him", i say to myself, and i should really read the article but it's just too long and today i aim to get past 3 magazine and 3 big chunky books, yeahh go me. so i will skip this lovely bit for later maybe a bedtime read.

Narcissist's club??? Say what????? Yes Narcissist's club in Tokyo, Japan, the only place that could possibly get away with anything like that. Ever listened to Css and Lovefoxx screams "My art is called egocentric soft porno / or maybe it's just narcissism". Hmmmm Yeah as i flip thru i find images of ..half naked people spread across the pages. Ahh Love Forever. I will try pay that club a visit when i make my way to japan this summer. They even have a myspace go check it www.myspace.com/narzib

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