Saturday, 27 June 2009

Jet Jet jet

Woop im going tomorrow, for 2 weeks, so no more blogging til i come back lots to hopefully write about. Still got things to pack etc. Possessed by a magpie i am very liking shiny things and have packed my suitcase, yes suitcase to a festival, full of sequins, gold and metallics, this will be a special one i can see it already. Campfires Check Vodka check and whatever else check.

Wooppp better get packing.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Kiwi, Future future super housemates!!

I actually met my future housemates as of yet! I am actually so excited and they seemed genuinely nice and we share the same interest,love for music and all things nice and wrong.

OK they don't know Patrick Wolf but i will get them listening to PW on the go everyday. Exactly the perfect housemates i've been looking for!!!!! They like chillaxing and band practises!!

Also seriously need to get packing all my stuff before i move out of the dump at last i am free!!!! No more small cramped rooms for me as promised! Seriously excited.

Yesterday went like this.
Me and zuza outside sainsburys
Before i ran in for some cheeky chocolate. diet sure isn't working, swear i've put on weight.
Meeting my first housemate, Lawrence, he's really tall!
walking back to his house, scary and i was so hyper from all the sugar at that point i couldn't breath.
trying to talk smooth and acting like a loser, so typically me, sorry.
House ta go go, wasn't what i expected, pretty neat space and posters, im still upset marina has lost my massive super massive massive mystery jets poster.
Im on the verge of a breakdown, stuttering my way through answers and can't stop laughing, my excuse im crazy.
Results end and final. went well enough
Drinks at red Rum with everyone else saw A few people and spanish lot in my class last days, over so soon. Goodbye jesus and sara i will miss seeing y'all out and about dancing.
Ahhhh fun times, got a little bit tipsy missed my coach next day late for work, usuals. Oh well, better luck next time suppose, picked up my docs also, killer weight, killer looks, rather painful walk. Oh need to post my things off soon and get rid of my junk, any offers?

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Killer Dresser

Im all dressed and done up but last minutes chit chats has confirmed a no no and apparently now noone is out. Sad times i may just take photos of my outfit now and act like a loser and stay in sweating like a pig too. Well at least i can make myself some food.

OHHHH and reading Dazed i was going to post something about a designer but i forgot the name again, someone please slap me next time i forget a name.

Oh and ive sold some stuff on ebay and got myself an extra nifty £30 to spend woops!!!! Going to try sell more things and sort out clothes i don't wear no more, my room and downstairs has become dominated by clothes this bustier im wearing is sure giving the thrush, i can't stop sweating Plahhhh.

I need to clean my ysl foundation brush now, my carpet is clean for once. Now i need to pile things up.

Oh oh oh i think i remembered Petro Storrs or something im going to check it out, Woop sweden and meeting beautiful people can't wait i want to meet a beautiful guy, maybe similar to swedish guy in manchester, tall skinny, blonde quiff cool accent, cool clothes, cool cool cool. End of.

Monday, 15 June 2009

iller than ill

What's worse than being ill? Nothing!

The night before was a nightmare, i had a burning fever ripping me apart. Eurghhhhh but then i was too lazy to do anything about it and havent slept properly since, i have heavy dark circles, not good!

Working is a bummer too, im too tired most the time to even try smile at customers.
Best highlight at work today

Customer: Erm errr. . . Urinating. . . myself
Me: You what? . . Oh . . erm. you mean the toilet? You need it? Sorry we don't have public toilets here, but if you cross over the road you can go in McDonalds.

The misery of work, i need some excitement.I may well fly to Paris tonight, for the thrill.

Food wise
Last night i had banoffie pie and today berry cheesecake nothing beats desserts for sure!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Hunting mission

God i've lost my passport and my room is a tip so finding it will be a total bitch!!!!

But i've found the most amazing shoes ever like ever!!!!!

ASH UFO trainer wedges

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Summer projects

= none

I did come upon this and i am going to send 5 black garments in exchange for a new one yes!!!!!

Summer fading non, bored as hell, just woke up and nothing much to do at last i'll be off home on friday and be working to death, rolling in cash on the way!

There was a few interesting designers i thought i'd post about but my brain seems to be in time freeze right now and can't think properly, time for more sugar! check out her lookbook! Some amazing pieces

Oh also i have put up lots of my old collected trash not my best trash for sale on ebay, i need to raise some dosh for travelling yes?!

EXYZT for y'all

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

trashed tuesday SWR bad taste mega bass fancy dress rave

And so the tampon won! Gutted.

To please the crowd i was dressed as a molested child and my friend at the end stuck with a slashed hooker. Throughout the night at sex with robots we recruited some other people and found a priest and an Airfrance hostess and partied till the early hours.

After this we continued on at a houseparty which later got shut down by police, so i went back to lucy's and charlie girls house, and everyone just passed out on the mattress, fun times i suppose.

Photos soon, I think thats the last of me you'll ever see in fishnets. Although i'll keep on wearing my ripped tights. Oh and got my harness today, pretty intense.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Restart and start

I have a tendency to write and forget, and leave things lying for ages, and this blog is exactly that, I've realised the last time i wrote here was a week ago. Lazy me!

Well ok i don't think theres really much i need to run thru, it is the summer break now!! Although i would so love to own a pair of these!!!! FITFLOPS!! Fitflop by name and wear. Amazing, apparently, you can lose weight wearing them, technology nowadays ehh. Most of all i feel theres a few designers i should be posting about on here, if i can remember the names.
1. Spy by Henry Lau, no jokes i actually know someone called Henry Lau
I spotted a pair of patchwork leggings, trousers whatever you'd like to call them, and it was love at first sight, if only i was rich.

2. Melissa x Vivienne westwood shoes i would so love to own, its actually on sale and cheap-ish at you can pick up a pair for like 30 quid

3. I don't know if i should go leave manchester and go to Rochester to study atelier, the course sounds amazing, what am i to do with my Interactive Arts HND now!?

4. I got my Valentino Rock and rose perfume recently and my YSL foundation and Shiseido skincare cream, i seriously shouldn't have but i just had to spoil myself, tho i still owe the library 50 quid.

5. I got myself a pair of doc Martens for 6 squid, yes you heard me thats insane! Can't wait to wear it to death along with my Marc Cain jacket.

6. Yes you what? I what?? bought a leather harness on ebay meant for some kind of fetish S&M kinky action? yes i did but this will be put in good use. Fingers crossed!

7. Got my camera film back need to scan and film film back need to put through projector, can't wait to see whats on it, i feel like a kid high on sugar waiting for presents!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ideas from the Queen

After reading Queen Michelles blog, i was quite enlightened with the idea of owning a harness, leading to ebay and etsy. On etsy I've found the prettiest one ever, the term pretty a bit ironic for a harness? Well Its from the infamous iheartnorwegianwood shop.
It's truely amazing i want it now and so i can walk around looking like a warrior all day harassing people.

Photos from Iheartnorwegianwood