Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Restart and start

I have a tendency to write and forget, and leave things lying for ages, and this blog is exactly that, I've realised the last time i wrote here was a week ago. Lazy me!

Well ok i don't think theres really much i need to run thru, it is the summer break now!! Although i would so love to own a pair of these!!!! FITFLOPS!! Fitflop by name and wear. Amazing, apparently, you can lose weight wearing them, technology nowadays ehh. Most of all i feel theres a few designers i should be posting about on here, if i can remember the names.
1. Spy by Henry Lau, no jokes i actually know someone called Henry Lau
I spotted a pair of patchwork leggings, trousers whatever you'd like to call them, and it was love at first sight, if only i was rich.

2. Melissa x Vivienne westwood shoes i would so love to own, its actually on sale and cheap-ish at hervia.com you can pick up a pair for like 30 quid

3. I don't know if i should go leave manchester and go to Rochester to study atelier, the course sounds amazing, what am i to do with my Interactive Arts HND now!?

4. I got my Valentino Rock and rose perfume recently and my YSL foundation and Shiseido skincare cream, i seriously shouldn't have but i just had to spoil myself, tho i still owe the library 50 quid.

5. I got myself a pair of doc Martens for 6 squid, yes you heard me thats insane! Can't wait to wear it to death along with my Marc Cain jacket.

6. Yes you what? I what?? bought a leather harness on ebay meant for some kind of fetish S&M kinky action? yes i did but this will be put in good use. Fingers crossed!

7. Got my camera film back need to scan and film film back need to put through projector, can't wait to see whats on it, i feel like a kid high on sugar waiting for presents!

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