Friday, 19 June 2009

Kiwi, Future future super housemates!!

I actually met my future housemates as of yet! I am actually so excited and they seemed genuinely nice and we share the same interest,love for music and all things nice and wrong.

OK they don't know Patrick Wolf but i will get them listening to PW on the go everyday. Exactly the perfect housemates i've been looking for!!!!! They like chillaxing and band practises!!

Also seriously need to get packing all my stuff before i move out of the dump at last i am free!!!! No more small cramped rooms for me as promised! Seriously excited.

Yesterday went like this.
Me and zuza outside sainsburys
Before i ran in for some cheeky chocolate. diet sure isn't working, swear i've put on weight.
Meeting my first housemate, Lawrence, he's really tall!
walking back to his house, scary and i was so hyper from all the sugar at that point i couldn't breath.
trying to talk smooth and acting like a loser, so typically me, sorry.
House ta go go, wasn't what i expected, pretty neat space and posters, im still upset marina has lost my massive super massive massive mystery jets poster.
Im on the verge of a breakdown, stuttering my way through answers and can't stop laughing, my excuse im crazy.
Results end and final. went well enough
Drinks at red Rum with everyone else saw A few people and spanish lot in my class last days, over so soon. Goodbye jesus and sara i will miss seeing y'all out and about dancing.
Ahhhh fun times, got a little bit tipsy missed my coach next day late for work, usuals. Oh well, better luck next time suppose, picked up my docs also, killer weight, killer looks, rather painful walk. Oh need to post my things off soon and get rid of my junk, any offers?

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