Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Killer Dresser

Im all dressed and done up but last minutes chit chats has confirmed a no no and apparently now noone is out. Sad times i may just take photos of my outfit now and act like a loser and stay in sweating like a pig too. Well at least i can make myself some food.

OHHHH and reading Dazed i was going to post something about a designer but i forgot the name again, someone please slap me next time i forget a name.

Oh and ive sold some stuff on ebay and got myself an extra nifty £30 to spend woops!!!! Going to try sell more things and sort out clothes i don't wear no more, my room and downstairs has become dominated by clothes this bustier im wearing is sure giving the thrush, i can't stop sweating Plahhhh.

I need to clean my ysl foundation brush now, my carpet is clean for once. Now i need to pile things up.

Oh oh oh i think i remembered Petro Storrs or something im going to check it out, Woop sweden and meeting beautiful people can't wait i want to meet a beautiful guy, maybe similar to swedish guy in manchester, tall skinny, blonde quiff cool accent, cool clothes, cool cool cool. End of.

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