Monday, 15 June 2009

iller than ill

What's worse than being ill? Nothing!

The night before was a nightmare, i had a burning fever ripping me apart. Eurghhhhh but then i was too lazy to do anything about it and havent slept properly since, i have heavy dark circles, not good!

Working is a bummer too, im too tired most the time to even try smile at customers.
Best highlight at work today

Customer: Erm errr. . . Urinating. . . myself
Me: You what? . . Oh . . erm. you mean the toilet? You need it? Sorry we don't have public toilets here, but if you cross over the road you can go in McDonalds.

The misery of work, i need some excitement.I may well fly to Paris tonight, for the thrill.

Food wise
Last night i had banoffie pie and today berry cheesecake nothing beats desserts for sure!

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