Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nina Simone

No this has nothing to do with Nina Simone, I'm just listening to Nina Simone.
SO i really need to improve my drawing painting skills so i decided to set myself targets of a drawing everyday, still didn't work tho, here is what happened. It is all unfinished as usual with my work. Don't judge. i am really a bit crap at drawing pshh.

This is the 'finished version' of the Karen Elson painting which i've submitted to dazeddigital, probably wont hear anything back but great fun painting sort of. I sort of couldn't be bothered to finish the rest if you can tell and you used photoshop to try add some colours.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Fast Film

I don't think i've been this excited since ages ago, but today i stumbled across the most amazing things ever and no it's not something i've bought or anything but it's this short film 'Fast Film' Never spent 14 mins this happy, i was totally amazed and gobsmacked and i really want to buy the dvd now easily a masterpiece.

When i saw it, it solved all my problems and what i was looking for. For a few years now or two i've had so many ideas it just comes and goes, but there has been a few that has been stuck in my mind for a while now, and i never used it yet, because i needed something special to piece together these ideas to form a coherent story, a mixture of film, animation and origami ripping etc. I watched it and i knew instantly this was it, it's exactly what i needed, and no i haven't gone crazy. So happy now. Really this onedotzero dvd is actually quite good, apart from some not so good ones, some really scary (not even scary but disturbing), some average and exciting short films.

Woop going to try get hold of 'copy shop'

Bling Bling Bloom Boom

After reading the recent blog post by Queen Michelle I was rather transfixed on the images she had to offer. These were designs made by a design company in Amsterdam called Tjep

I was just looking at all the design work and reading up on them and i must say i am most impressed. Where all designers tackle their problems with a why? sounds most interesting and intriguing. I wished that i always questioned myself when producing my work. I probably do consciously without realising you know.

What you end up is a palette of wonderful designs, so beautiful and simple. The design concept is just so well thought out and made i wished i could post every photo possible as everything is so nicely done. But obviously i can't really do that can i?

I just love the piece called 'A clockwork Love'. I can't stop looking at it, it's almost hypnotic. Such a intricate piece i love the layering idea.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Back for real

Yep. Just tried a bit of strata stencil today. its kind of quite hard to master even tho it seems simple. Or maybe it was the small device i built across my room that wasn't sturdy enough.
Consisted of some ropey/string tied onto my wardrobe and the door with bits of cardboard dangling mid-air. I can tell you getting the angles and everything right was a right nightmare, think i'll leave this technique for a while now. Don't think it's worked as well as it should have.
Although i have to say i think some of the photos on its own, seems stronger than what i imagined maybe i can do something with it? Maybe if i neatened some of them up? I might end up with something interesting, i just like the simple kind of shadow and shape.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The power of three

The other day i especially went out to Rymans, to buy a ruler just so i could indulge in drawing triangles. Triangles?? Yes triangles, there is something about this shape that makes it more special than the other shapes. I can never figure how or why, but all i do remember is hypotenuse, trigonometry, all these words sounds some how futuristic to me, maybe cause it's associated with physics, maths or science, which then makes me think of time machines? Perhaps.

Anyway this is not the point. Irina Shaposhnikovaproduces wearable clothes, in the form of dresses, made up of triangles. Somehow the collection seems rather subtle, compared to other 'futuristic' clothes on the catwalk, which some found to be a bit too much. Her recent show named "Crystallographica" hit just the right note.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Death to Macbook

So there will be no more posting till i get myself a new hardrive. Thanks peeps.

Edit>> Just got my macbook back, new hardrive etc etc, all for free. Nearly had a heart attack when apple sent me a copy of the receipt with a total of £200-300 on it i could have nearly died then read it clearly, i didnt have to pay a single penny. Have to try grab hold of some programs now. Hello Photoshop?!
Also post Xmas, new diet, just went to China town and bought a load of instant noodles and miso soup and tofu :)). Happy.

Friday, 8 January 2010

David Daniels

Enough said!

Oh here is an interview to accompany this video.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Chrissy Angliker

Normally when i see paintings i only ever feel either amazed or nothing. But this is more than anything.

But it is not these paintings in which Angliker excels in. She specialised in industrial design at the Pratt Institute, New York. Here she won many awards, earning her the recognition she deserves.

I Love how she applies simple ideas to methods and produce something that is simple at the same time fresh and modern. See Lamp design below.

Monday, 4 January 2010

deja vu

So i went shopping again today, but a proper one in town today and ended up spending quite a bit some stuff i will be returning and some not. I am in love with my headband right now i think and i and quite liking my £2 dress from Primark yes £2!!!

As it's 2010, I've finally decided on the following.

Try harder, seeing as i normally don't

Try to spend more time with more people

Try not to drink/ shop as much

Don't get easily upset over people

Move On.