Friday, 22 January 2010

Fast Film

I don't think i've been this excited since ages ago, but today i stumbled across the most amazing things ever and no it's not something i've bought or anything but it's this short film 'Fast Film' Never spent 14 mins this happy, i was totally amazed and gobsmacked and i really want to buy the dvd now easily a masterpiece.

When i saw it, it solved all my problems and what i was looking for. For a few years now or two i've had so many ideas it just comes and goes, but there has been a few that has been stuck in my mind for a while now, and i never used it yet, because i needed something special to piece together these ideas to form a coherent story, a mixture of film, animation and origami ripping etc. I watched it and i knew instantly this was it, it's exactly what i needed, and no i haven't gone crazy. So happy now. Really this onedotzero dvd is actually quite good, apart from some not so good ones, some really scary (not even scary but disturbing), some average and exciting short films.

Woop going to try get hold of 'copy shop'

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